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  1. GHS Boomers (10-46) for a long time. As far as strings, I've never been one to experiment with them, so, the "if it ain't broke" adage works for strings. Wish I could maintain that standard for guitars, amps, effects..... (Elixir Polyweb or Nanoweb 10/53 for acoustic. They maintain their brightness for a longer time...imo) Another question would be...what do you do to maintain them, after playing? I actually use 3 in 1 oil to clean & wipe them down, every time I play. Been doing that for many years without any harm to the guitar necks.
  2. Have they came out with one amp yet, that will handle an acoustic & electric accurately, tone wise? The latest I've read about is the Boss Katana and they say it will handle them both, but handle is a lot different the reproduce a quality sound. The amps I've tried in the past use 'modeling' and have failed miserably at reproducing a good acoustic guitar sound. Anybody tried these amps? ....or have any other recommendations?
  3. I've noticed, through all the post, that no one uses the same amps......and everyone has a different suggestion.
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