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  1. GHS Boomers (10-46) for a long time. As far as strings, I've never been one to experiment with them, so, the "if it ain't broke" adage works for strings. Wish I could maintain that standard for guitars, amps, effects..... (Elixir Polyweb or Nanoweb 10/53 for acoustic. They maintain their brightness for a longer time...imo) Another question would be...what do you do to maintain them, after playing? I actually use 3 in 1 oil to clean & wipe them down, every time I play. Been doing that for many years without any harm to the guitar necks.
  2. Have they came out with one amp yet, that will handle an acoustic & electric accurately, tone wise? The latest I've read about is the Boss Katana and they say it will handle them both, but handle is a lot different the reproduce a quality sound. The amps I've tried in the past use 'modeling' and have failed miserably at reproducing a good acoustic guitar sound. Anybody tried these amps? ....or have any other recommendations?
  3. I've noticed, through all the post, that no one uses the same amps......and everyone has a different suggestion.
  4. That would work with a new "Police", but we're talking The Police. In concert, when it came time for "The Greatest Hits", I don't think he could pull it off satisfactorily. Kinda resembles the questions about the new"Fleetwood Mac". I'd agree with Copeland, Visually impossible, Sonically easy.
  5. Toy Cauldwell & Billy Gibbons. Basically a southern rock stylist until I went to see Ricky Skaggs & saw my first "guitar Genius"--Ray Flacke. Another one...EVH..probably my favorite.
  6. OK. I think I've got it...... Tip Toe through the tulips-Tiny Tim I must also add that Bob Dylans' voice has ruin many songs.....also Tom Waits could make a cringe worthy song.
  7. It's not as bad as It sounded like it would be, but it's definitely not more than one song bearable. I hope it doesn't spawn a Kris Kristofferson doing Tony Bennett album.......Lemmy doing Mel Torme.......
  8. Bought one at a yard sale for $5, but I am not perplexed by the simplest thing.....how do you get to the battery to change it? By no means does it have a warranty, butI read on the bottom sticker that if you remove the screws, it voids the warranty, so I'm guessing that's not the way, plus I can see the battery, just can't figure out how to get the top open(assuming it works like Boss pedals).
  9. Had this amp for quite awhile. It's the original CT (not the SE version) & came with a factory defect "tube rattle" that I never got fixed (I just parked the amp). I'm going to buy some dampers for the tubes, but want to replace the tubes also,since I've read that the original Fender Groovetubes weren't that good. It now has 12ax7's in it & I've wondered if anyone has any experience with replacing those with NOS12ax7"s. All the talk on other forums I've read, it seems everyone is raving & pushing to change out to NOS 12au7's, but I'm not sure about the resulting power loss. I'd l
  10. Mercy, that's a long time!!!! Honestly, it doesn't take too long before trying to be a blues 'purist" hems you in. I love the emotion/phrasing of the blues, but find it more fun to experiment & add to the blues feel.Listening to jazz blues & now blues rock seems to hold onto the emotion, but also expands & opens up to more challenges...keeps it powerful & more interesting. Yow definitely gotta tip your hat to John Lee, Muddy, Albert,B.B, etc, but for me, playing old standard blues becames just sort of robotic, no matter how much feeling & emotion you put into it. The learn
  11. The list is way to long,. I'm kinda worn out of the standard 12-bar thing, but currently I'm in the Blues Rock vein & started listening to Gary Moore. Love the power he plays with. There's a good live version of Gary & B.B. King doing "The thrill is gone" Also like" Oh Pretty Woman", which Albert King plays a little. It isn't standard blues, but sure is fun to play. I like doing "fun" guitar.
  12. I'm wanting to install an EMG-DG20 loaded pickguard in my Floyd Rose Strat. Does anyone know if the pickguard's cut for a standard fixed bridge or floating bridge & will it require trimming for the Floyd Rose....and if there is enough clearance from the bridge pup mounting?
  13. Has anyone tried any of them? They remind me of the old chrome Vox 810 & 830 pedals.
  14. Has anyone tried this amp? It 'supposed' to be a combo electric,acoustic & bas amp. I've looked on youtube & in all the vids, there isn't an ounce of sound coming from the acoustic. The description too weak/vague to deetermine if the acoustic section can measure up . It'd be nice to have one amp that could do both electric & acoustic effectively.
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