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  1. One of my favorite parts of HC in the past was the gear recommendations. So what do people think is the best delay pedal for metal/rock? I currently have the carbon delay, which is nice. I also have an older Boss DD20 delay, which is more complicated, but nice in its own way.
  2. I joined around 15 years ago. Just started getting back into playing guitar as my interest comes in waves.
  3. I have something to add about your son's current attitude: When I was a teenager I struggled with depression and I was very angry. Unfortunately I took this anger out on my mother, since she was so involved in my life. I would ignore her, not talk to her, not tell her my day, even told her I "hated her" multiple times.. But then, thru counseling, treating my depression, and maturing, I realized it was not her that that was part of my problems and that I was just inflicting pain. The values that my parents raised with me came back in my twentys. I set out to help other people less fortunate and now I am a doctor training in family medicine. What I was taught as a child helped me choose a career path different from my classmates who valued money and lifestyle. I was one of the few who said "I want to help poor people" and REALLY meant it, and thats all because of my parents. I hope the same holds true for your son. I hope he realizes the error of his ways thru counseling and maturity and the life lessons you taught him when he was a child start to guide him in his adult life.
  4. How much for shipping? Is everything included?
  5. I am just afraid of buying used software online that uses an access code, what protects me from you giving me a product that is useless without the code?
  6. I have *HEAVY* radio station interference, any idea of this would help me reduce that?
  7. What does the SM-57 include =|
  8. People have brought up the concern to me that the peaked ceiling peaks at 6'6. My basement has a 6'11 height. I also have a guest room on my second floor. It is 14x7'10 with a 8'5 height. This room is carpeted and has finished walls and ceiling. It also has a closet. PROBLEM: I have a small table and a futon bed/couch in this room. So: Will the 6'6 height in the attic be a problem? Should I change my location to the guest room for its height? Or the basement for its size even though it has cement unfinished walls/floor?
  9. One of the workers at GIK acoustics suggested I close off the lower right corner into one closet, then split the large area into two rooms, one for practicing/mixing, the other for isolation booths.
  10. Im not sure I would pick the attic. There are going to be some strange modes with the odd shape of the room. Try them out. Play drums in both see if you get some strange echos also try acoustic guitar. I just think that roof will be really strange if you record up there but it may sound really neat I would experiment. Should have added what instruments I plan on recording/rehearsing with. Two guitars, a bass, and a drum machine. Lead vocals and background vocals. I am going to take my acoustic guitar up there though, see if there are echos as you said. One of the websites I read claim that you can loudly clap, then add foam, and repeat until the echos stop.
  11. One about two SM57 without the other two mics?
  12. So here is my problem, I have two areas with different difficulties and I am not sure which would be easier, or better to start a small home studio. Basement: 15'6''x15'6''x6'11, two cement walls, two wooden unfinished walls, cement floor, unfinished ceiling with matrix of 4x2s Attic: Unusual shape. 30'x16'5''x8ft. Slooping angle roof down to 4ft height. Has two areas that stick out 6ftx3ft, both have one window each. Finished white plaster walls, ceiling. Floor is plywood. Budget: 600$-1000$ Objective: Acoustical improvement, sound proofing is not critical. Planned Room use: Band practice room/open tracking room; control booth. Music: Rock, blues, metal- fairly loud Usual band setup: Usually just a two guitarists, one on a Mesa 100 watt tube amp, the other on a Fender 100 watt tube amp. For practice, have 600 watt PA system. Recording: Music track recording, want to try both isolating each instrument and recording them seperately, using a "live" guide track and just recording all tracks at the same time. Location: Buffalo, NY, in the city. No loud outside noises. Isolation: No one has complained about our noise level yet.
  13. Possible translations: * I am a scientist, not a musician * I read about a lot of stuff, without any practical understanding of most of it * I want attention I am going with the first =O
  14. I think I am more obsessed with the different factors involved in tone then actually playing. Even aspects such as brand of tube, type of capacitor, capacitor rating, and brand of guitar cables.
  15. Does the ebow come with the directions/CD?
  16. Half of my brain says BUY IT BUY IT, but the other half is saying "Do you REALLY need a drum machine to play in your room by yourself"
  17. I've owned pretty much every Ibanez RG (rg370, rg570 rg470, rg1570, s470), a MIM strat, a Epiphone SG, epiphone Les Paul, Agility strat-copy, Epiphone Goth LP, dean razorback, and some cheap dean ML style guitars... But my favorite still is my Dean razorback, which happens to be my most expensive. The rosewood fret board seems to be better quality, the neck is smoother/feels better to me.
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