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    Bagged just before the UK coronavirus lockdown. It's a LÂG classical guitar (French company). Model: 4 Seasons Autumn 312N. The serial number dates it to 2007. Solid cedar top, layered Indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with a headstock of layered mahogany, maple and rosewood, rosewood fretboard and (unusual shaped) 12-hole bridge, maple neck and body binding and contrast (not sure what wood) purfling. A beautiful looking guitar and the most resonant classical I've ever played.
  2. It sounds really good, Cats. Nice one.
  3. LOL Make sure you put a humidifier in there too.
  4. Of course I'm Roger Waters!! Haven't a clue who that guy above is.
  5. Hello Joe. Thanks for contributing to the VOM. Brilliant playing! Great sounding guitar.
  6. I used a single coil PU with adjustable poles and adjusted their heights to obtain a balanced sound. Works well.
  7. LOL. Yes, bit like deja vu. After trying a few piezo units etc I ended up fitting a cheap and cheerful single coil soundhole PU with a 4.5kh output to my old Eko Ranger. It sounded great.
  8. kujozilla. Fantastic. Thanks for contributing.
  9. Ah! OK - understood. Apologies to Voltan.
  10. Well, Voltan, I probably shouldn't interfere but Katopp is a long-standing member here at HCAG and I have never observed any instance of trolling from him. Perhaps it's you that needs to loosen up?
  11. Was there a nylon string Maccaferri?
  12. It depends what you mean by "vintage". When I use the word I'm usually thinking of a guitar of around 50 years old or more. There were not many (if any) cutaway classical guitars around back then so you'd struggle to find one. Nowadays many makers offer them: Yamaha, Cordoba, Admira, etc etc.
  13. Who knows? A few of us are battling on, trying to keep the place alive but it's hard work. One would think that Covid lockdowns everywhere would have generated more interest in forums but alas, seemingly not so. So many people seem to live life with a phone stuck in their face
  14. Welcome back. I bought (very cheaply) a 12 string guitar some years ago that had the same problem. I sanded down the bridge to achieve a better break angle - took off approx 50% of it's thickness. To compensate for the loss of mass I glued a strip of 3 ply (approx the same size as the bridge) underneath the bridge inside the guitar - just drilled through the pin holes when it was stuck. That was over 5 years ago and it's been fine.
  15. Cats: Excellent performance! That old Eko sounds good - do you have it amped via the soundhole PU? Deepend: Lovely song and very well done.
  16. Thanks, David. Well, it was my intention of turning it into a sort of "sticky" thread (rather than the monthly posted VOM - simply because very few people were participating) but couldn't see a way of doing it. Daddymack stepped in and pinned it so now it's a new-style sticky. Next January I'll rename it for 2021 People can post stuff whenever they want now - I'll post something every few weeks and it's great to see you and Cats doing so too. Let's hope more folks come along.
  17. "Helpless" by Neil Young
  18. Classical guitars made in Japan in the mid to late 60's are often very good instruments so the Crestwood could be a winner. There could be some age related issues however so it would be a good idea to check before you buy. The Yamaha will be a good guitar - you can pretty much always trust Yamaha - but again there could be age related issues.
  19. To the OP. PS. If you intend keeping a guitar in open G tuning you can always take off the 6th string. That would then give you a G note on the 5th string - the tuning would then be: GDGBD. Keith Richard used this method and tuning on a lot of the Rolling Stones early stuff. In fact, IIRC, someone made him a special 5 string electric guitar.
  20. Open G tuning is DGDGBD
  21. Well, as has been said, you can get virtually identical ones on Ebay for much less. After all, ebony is ebony and abalone is abalone. Do you think that Crosby Audio make them? Or maybe they buy them in bulk from China?
  22. Excellent PS. The AGF has a different sort of mods . . . . . . . . .
  23. You can do all sorts of DIY repairs to extend the life of an old guitar. Obviously you wouldn't do such a thing on something valuable but for an old beater it's fine. And, as you say, you can often do a reasonable looking cosmetic fix.
  24. Signed D.C. A song written by Arthur Lee of the 60's West Coast band "Love" - about the band's first drummer, Don Conka
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