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  1. Get yourself a nice classical.
  2. You're welcome. I've only once paid more than $350 for a guitar and that was back in 1971. But in those days there was no choice - these days there is a wealth of choice. But SteinbergerHack's advice - which I seconded - still stands, viz. go and play lots of guitars and pick the one you like best.
  3. Nah. If they vary that much there is something wrong - either with the manufacturing process / quality control or your ears. Perhaps you have "Monday" ears? Or perhaps I have "Monday" ears because I've never heard anything special in a Martin Enjoy.
  4. You drive a hard bargain, David.
  5. Yeah. I said the same thing a year ago but things picked up. But things are pretty bleak now so maybe it's time to pull the plug.
  6. All the doors in my house are solid wood. I suppose I could start a guitar workshop?
  7. Well it's been running for over 10 years so I'm happy to go with the tradition.
  8. Thanks for your contributions Deep and Neal. A bit thin on the ground this month - I'll continue until the end of the year but unless things perk up that will be it. Neal - the name, IIRC, was Stackabones' offering: Virtual Open Mic 1Take. I just stuck with it because it pretty much sums it up. Music mostly comes out of phones these days. Sad.
  9. Excellent news. You're a lucky man. And of course you will get used to the fret and string spacing - just play the guitar for an hour or two and your fingers will "remember". I have about a dozen guitars of different types (like Danocoustic - none of them very costly - just ones I've fancied over the years) and I can switch from one to another without any problem. And that's with neck widths ranging from 40 mm (electric), 42 mm through to 48 mm (acoustic), up to 52 mm (classical) and all sorts of neck profiles from slim "C" to a very chunky vintage "V" and scale lengths ranging from 24.75 inch to 26 inch. You just get used to the differences. And yes, I've been underwhelmed by every Martin I've played. They are well made and play and sound OK to be sure but that's about it - I've never felt of heard that "magic" that people talk about and, at the price they cost, I think one has a right to expect that little bit extra. I'm with Neal when he remarks above: "Thing is, you get that zillion dollar guitar . . . . and you realize it’s really no different in a MAJOR way than what you had".
  10. Nope. Long ago I thought it would be nice to own a Martin but having played a few and being puzzled about what all the fuss was about I dropped the idea. An interest in Taylor guitars followed but instead I went for an all-solid Crafter model that sounded and played as good as any Taylor I'd played (and saved enough money to pay for two Mediterranean holidays for my wife and I 😊). All that was around 15 to 30 years ago. In the past 5 or 6 years I've found that I've veered more and more towards playing nylon string guitars but I have enough of those to keep me happy.
  11. Late again, tut. My submission this month is a song I first heard sung by Bob Dylan No More Auction Block https://app.box.com/s/to0w5wllxqytoxdqn49s2rekvenhq8g0867 Actually it first appeared in a book called "Slave Songs of the United States" compiled by William Francis Allen, Charles Pickard Ware and Lucy McKim Garrison published in 1867. The original title was "Many Thousand Go".
  12. Hello and welcome We haven't seen Donk here in a long, long time, alas.
  13. Oh dear. That's bad news. In what way is the string spacing "awkward"?
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Piezo-Contact-Microphone-3-Transducer-Pickups-with-end-pin-jack-for-Kalimba-GN8/233306806959?epid=27018461409&hash=item36522b5aaf:g:O5MAAOSwqWtdSrVH Output was high. In fact I removed one of the transducers but I still ended up gluing a thin leather disc to the remaining two contact faces to reduce output.
  15. Thanks all. Its' a lovely guitar and it would have been a good deal at 3 or even 4 times the price. They sold new for around the $500 mark - and over here we would have payed £500 due to tax. So yeah, good stuff. Joe - I think I'll keep the pawnshop owner in the dark and maybe up the frequency of visits. Deep - yes, I've fitted a K & K type PU.
  16. Congratulations. That mahogany looks pretty.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Dtct1Xdfgk
  18. Probably the score of the decade. And most certainly a case of being in the right place at the right time. The pawnshop in our local town usually have a few guitars for sale and I often pop in when I'm passing. A few weeks ago when I called in it turned out to be 5 minutes after a used Walden N730 had been put out on display. It was a discount sale due to one of the tuner buttons being broken - a large chip where it fitted onto the tang. Sale price £44.99 Solid cedar top, solid Indian rosewood back, layered (as Taylor say LOL) rosewood sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard and bridge. I bought it, of course. A blob of epoxy resin fixed the tuner and it plays like a dream.
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