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  1. http://www.ovationtribute.com/Date your Ovation.html http://www.ovationtribute.com/O_Decoder/O-Decoder rev8.htm
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    Congratulations. Dean guitars are pretty good instruments and you had a bargain.
  3. Hello and welcome. It's an "Artist" model from 1975
  4. I'd certainly like to sample one. But like I said, not seen them in the UK. However, like you, I have all the guitars I need or want.
  5. No, Mikeo - some of their top end all-solid models are around $1000 They are a US company based in Los Angeles where they do all the design work, QC, set ups. The guitars are made, I believe, in the Far East. Alas I've not played one - not seen one over here - but the specs are very impressive and they get some good reviews. I would be surprised if they were not very good indeed.
  6. Well it's a monthly event, Kwak - third weekend of the month - so you have plenty of time.
  7. VOM time again, folks. Let's have some music. No excuses - a good way to spend time whilst in isolation. I shall be along with something a little later.
  8. Congratulations. They are pricey but nice.
  9. I would definitely recommend nylon strings for a beginner. They do produce callouses over time but you don't get the deep grooves caused (mainly) by the plain steel trebles of acoustic strings. And, although they do take longer to stabilize - often up to a week - I find then that they are as stable as steel strings, if not more so.
  10. I have a copy (a very faithful copy) of an Ovation deep-bowl Balladeer. I've fitted a set of high tension nylon strings and it is one of my most-played guitars. I love the way it plays - many people complain that the bowl back is difficult to handle but I find it "fits" perfectly. I wouldn't want to be without it.
  11. Yeah. I bet those special adjusting keys cost $30 or something. Just another way of making money. Shame.
  12. Hello Misha Yes, very weird times indeed. I am old enough (and lucky enough) to be retired so to some extent it is life as normal. I have a garden of reasonable size and that keeps me quite busy - especially at this time of year with vegetable beds to prepare, seeds to sow, etc, etc.. I also live in a rural area and there are many footpaths in our very pleasant countryside for enjoyable walking. The things I miss most are the weekly rehearsals of our choir and weekly performances in both local open mic and folk club. But, on the bright side, our "social distancing" regime will give me chance to learn some new songs.
  13. A lot better late than never, Joe. Excellent playing and the guitars sounds very good. Glad to have been of help.
  14. I'd go for a well-padded gig bag type case. A 3rd of the price but fine.
  15. And I live in North Wales. A bit further south . . . . .and much nicer than Yorkshire {wink thingie}. You stay safe, Stewart, and enjoy playing guitar.
  16. https://www.stonebridgeguitars.com/discover-furch/
  17. Yes, it is quiet, alas. And yes I do remember 10 years back when it was a vibrant forum with lots going on. Like you, lots of people drifted off and few have returned. But now you are back perhaps things will change?
  18. Thanks for the review, Phil. It's a nice looking guitar. As I mentioned before I would find a neck width of 43 mm too narrow for nylon strings but for many people more accustomed to playing steel string guitars the Fender could well be a good option.
  19. Every guitarist should have a classical guitar. Cordoba are OK but I prefer the similar specification Admira models.
  20. Hello everyone. When I started the VOM I had good intentions to record something new but was seduced by the lovely (very unseasonable!) sunny weather here in the UK all last week so did lots of work in the garden. So here is an old one: As Tears Go By by Jagger and Richards https://app.box.com/s/19hya0cf80ig90cg5ew24ue56h071ym7 Great to see you Deep, Cats and Misha - some great contributions. Misha - you have a most beautiful voice. You must participate in every VOM - that is an order.
  21. Congratulations, Misha, very nice. I've played a little bit on ukuleles but find the fret-board of the smaller ones too narrow. I would probably go for a baritone ukulele and string it to ADGB (same as a guitar 5th to 2nd strings) rather than the usual DGBE (guitar 4th to 1st strings). You can use different strings if you want to - good string retailers stock single strings or you can cannibalize regular nylon guitar strings.
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