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Show your custom made/handmade/custom luthier and ETC guitars!


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Originally Posted by Brian Krashpad

Does that include crappy partscasters?


If they are unique.


Well, this'un is unique in execution, if not design.


I bought it from a buddy of mine who needed cash to finish up a recording. He'd previously lent the guitar to his son (also a gigging musician), who had "townshended" it pretty good.






The guitar is very "DIY"-- the seller put it together out of parts and made a toploader into a string-through with his handy-dandy hand-held drill (no ferrules!; since the body is soft basswood, he got out a tinsnips and crudely cut a metal plate to hold the string-ends, with 6 holes punched through for the strings, then dug an indent in the back of the guitar with a chisel to hold the plate!). I spent another $50 US replacing the nut and knobs and getting a setup, but now I have a playable guitar that I can literally drop to the floor onstage and only worry about denting the floor.




So unique, yes, pretty, no.

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Here's my custom Schroeder guitar. All handmade. The top was carved with a hammer and chisel.



The neck looks like Brazilian Rosewood, but what is the main body wood?


That guitar would be perfect, if it just had matching wood control-cavity cover. Yeah, I know the difficulties involved in such a thing, but they just look so great.

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