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  1. I have too many guitars and have decided to consolidate my collection. Up for sale is my Charvel San Dimas Style 2 Tele. The guitar is in good overall condition, but has a few dings on the side of the guitar and a light scratch on the back. There is also a black smudge on the underside of the neck. I
  2. Originally Posted by The Rossness deal pending on the JF 1959RR Sold
  3. I'm looking to buy a Jackson RR24M. While black is ok, I'd much prefer white. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with?
  4. Originally Posted by stratedge09 TC Flashback seems like a good option for what you're saying, would you want digital or analog? I'm not sure which one I want. I'm going the the 1980's Dokken sound with a delay/ chorus. The FX loops of MTS amps suck so I'm forced to have a delay out front. When I had my EVH 5153, I had a Roland GT-10 and the loop and it achieved the sound I wanted. In a Randall MTS amp, it can't be heard- the loops really suck
  5. Originally Posted by The Villano Dude Is there a pedal repair person nearby? I would normally try to get it fixed if possible before looking elsewhere. Unless you wanted to try a new pedal anyway or so on. there's one, but the guy has a 6-9 week turnaround time.
  6. Last night, my delay pedal, a Visual Sound H20, decided to die. Its a dual pedal and oddly enough, just the delay is broken, and not the chorus. When I turn the delay on, the effect doesn't happen. Instead I get this weird noise that sounds like a cross between a bad tube and a fuzz box. I don't know a thing about repairing a circuit or what to look for, so now I have one huge chorus pedal. Maybe I can find someone to fix it, or maybe I should just sell it off as a chorus pedal that needs work on the delay part of it. In the meantime, can I have some recommendations for a good delay pedal? I tend to use delay's very subtly in the front of my rig as I don't like the FX loops. also, before I got the h20, I tried the MXR Carbon copy and line 6 multi-effect delay and didn't like them. Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.
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