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  1. I'm so sorry Woody...Maybe they just needed to be together...Mojo and best wishes to you and your family.
  2. For me it was Steve Howe and the tune Mood for a Day. [YOUTUBE]vkqYQNvNbQ4[/YOUTUBE]
  3. Aaah but is there nourishment in the food we toss in his direction Bryan? I'm done tossing to the know it all teenager.
  4. LoL ...and keyboard warrior trolls are just dicks with an ISP. Lol..Tom nails it with this one.
  5. If you guys keep feeding the troll, the troll lives on.
  6. gotcha Bryan... i just get irritated with some of the {censored} that goes on around here... especially when someone is trying to tell someone else their business... nothing pisses me off more than someone telling me how to do MY job or telling me how SIMPLE my job is when they haven't a {censored}ing clue how to do it themselves... you're the pickup maker for {censored}sake:facepalm:... next thing you know, this guy will be telling me that he knows more about the 661 Whitney that i run, the only one in existance with a drill i might add, or our stretch former, also the only on in existance... it's just ridiculous to sit there and tell aguy that does something day in and day out for his bread and butter, and does it successfuly, that he DOESN'T know what he's doing or what he's talking about... Yea, this is his entertainment. I've gotten about a dozen PMs in the last 1/2 hour from people cluing me into this guy. I guess he does this to lots of people. I think the admins have their eye on him. I feel silly that I bit on his {censored}.
  7. I have no doubt that you do make a superior pickup at this point & time. And I do so much prefer a world where a Jedi such as your self is at the top of the game. But I am afraid that we have created a manufacturing monster in China by greedy capitalists that have unleashed a storm over the west. Now that they have the upper financial hand and are building state of the art facilities we are on a very old road that Rome built into oblivion. And we will hit the end of that road sooner than later... I know what you're saying when it comes to manufacturing in general. I try and support every USA made company I can. Obviously some things just are not made here anymore. And that's sad. But for me I make a good product where the player can ask for customizations or describe what they are looking for and I go to work to get them what they want. I don't think a CNC machine in Asia will start taking the special requests that you can make from a small company like mine. In that sense I've made a nice niche business for myself. If you haven't checked out my line of pickups they are very competitively priced for what you get. Many players from so many countries around the world have discovered this. It's been a great blessing as I get to work at something I'm passionate about and really enjoy doing. BTW..Thanks for a civil chat in this way gone of topic silly ass thread.
  8. Damon don't waste your time with this guy. He's a famous troll from OJ & GJ and I have heard he may not be a member here for much longer due to his posting style.
  9. Please point out the disinformation if you can. You didn't even know that some pickups are constructed by wrapping wire around a bar magnet. You have no idea what I do for a living, but I'll tell you that it's far more interesting than wrapping wire around and around bobbins all day long. The lipsticks tend to have a barrier between the magnet and the wire. But you know this because you're the {censored}ing expert!!!
  10. There is no way hand manufacturing is going to meet the quality & consistency of well engineered & computer controlled, CNC & threading machines. Your going to start seeing pickups of very high quality mass produced & affordable product all over the place soon. Of course there will be some that still swear by the work of the Jedi but it will be a dying religion in the near future. This is true for CNCing cylinder heads, surgical parts..etc but go listen to a handwound pickup next to cnc pickup and chances are you'll like the sound of the hand wind better. And if not go with the what you prefer. Many players know and hear the difference..It's not Jedi just use your ears. But then again I'm no expert according to so many of you guys. I only make a few 1000 of pickups a year and take about 10 a year back in exchanges. Ask guys like Atrox or Quarter who builds some of the best guitars around how consistent my handwounds are. It's just not me there's lots of great winder who make very consistent handwound pickups.
  11. Not looking for a fight. Just helping to stop the spread of disinformation. wind (v) to encircle or wreathe, as with something twined, wrapped, or placed about. You're spreading the disinformation. But let me guess, you must either be a teenager or a college student because you obviously know everything. Then why do you have such a {censored}ty ass job if you know so damn much.:blah::bor:
  12. By the way, I just installed a set of BG Pure 90's in my PRS yesterday. They sound awesome Bryan! Right on Eric..Glad to hear it:thu: Damon thanks for the support.:thu:
  13. Protip: wrapping = winding. They're synonyms. They are not Once again you're proving you know nothing of my industry. You are sir are straight up asshole looking to fight. I will not waste another second of my time with you.
  14. Okay, then tell my why my statements about pickups are "broad" and "uneducated." Surely you're at least capable of that? I'll address one of your statements that pickups are nothing more than wire wrapped around magnets. That in itself really isn't true. You dont ever wrap wire, you wind wire. I never wind wire on to a magnet. Never. Also if thats all a pickup is to you why did you make the statement about pickups being a bar magnet, plastic and screws? you are contradicting yourself right there. do you think wire is wound on to the bar magnet of humbucker? It's not. There's so many things to consider when designing a pickup to sound certain way. Some of which are Wire gauge Wire insulation Wire tension Wire insulation thickness Turns per layer Pitch Traverse angle Layer Symmetry Layer Patterns Baseplate material Pole material Slug material (humbuckers) Bobbin height Bobbin depth Magnet Type Magnet Gauss Magnet length Magnet thickness Magnet diameter (single coils) This is just a few of the variables I take in to consideration when designing a pickup. BTW I have never heard of a Rent Boy. What is that?
  15. Is this your way of acknowledging that you can't demonstrate why your pickups are superior to GFS without appeals to anti-Asian prejudice? If so, I accept your surrender. Because Jay and I do not pit our products against each other. He and I have been through this and we have a mutual respect. I do not have respect for you nor will I stoop to your silliness. Why don't you tell me what you do for a living so I can make broad uneducated statements about your livelihood.
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