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  1. It's like a sexy Tele sandwiched between two buns of DO NOT WANT. Haters gonna hate.
  2. Who keeps letting HCEG/HCAF in here? Why on earth shouldnt they be in here?
  3. When I play my Strat or Mustang unplugged, I can hear the springs in the trem resonating - it's particularly noticeable on certain notes. I kind of like it. But putting a spring reverb, with its much lighter springs into a guitar body? It would be way too sensitive to motion to be usable IMO. Then how about using the trem springs instead of the reverb springs?
  4. you'll get a noticeably different feel and sound using this vs. a volume pedal. You can play fast short notes for example, and you'll get a swell on each one of them, which isn't really feasible with a volume pedal. Thought so. Added to the mother{censored}ing GAS list
  5. hmmm I'll stick to my volume pedal sounds like a kazoo As much as I did like the pedal I kinda need to ask: What would be the difference between using the pedal and a volume pedal?
  6. Cos their guitarist has a tapping style which I thought as unique.
  7. [YOUTUBE]A2-hJtJrXxc[/YOUTUBE] This for example. I'd also post a video of how to have a better attitude for you, but I couldnt find any.
  8. Dude....Mike Sullivan from Russian Circles, hence the OP.
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