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Fave Single Cut Out Of These......


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Tough choice. I'm intrigued by the Guild. I'd be much more attracted to the PRS if it was a different color (I really don't like red guitars for some reason).


Now, if I could get the PRS in the same color/finish as the Tal Farlow, I'd be all over that :).


I mean . . . I'd love to have any of them, but I think from what you show, I'd go:


1. PRS (If I could get the color I wanted

2. LP

3. Guild

4. Trussart

5. Farlow


Of course, if you ask me the same question next week, you'd probably get a different answer :).

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The Guild Bluesbird is such an under rated guitar.

It's chambered and light weight.

Similar to a Les Paul Standard feel but not quite an LP.

Much less price tag than an LP and comes stock w/Duncans.

Highly recommended.:thu:



Indianapolis, In Guitar Center has a used one for a song.......






Page #8.

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