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  1. Howdy HC! I have been scouring this forum, but have not been able to glean what the consensus is regarding Joyo, Eno and the like. I have recently received in no particular order: Joyo Vintage Phase, AC Tone. Eno Trouble OD, and EH Soul Food. Loving them all, especially the AC Tone and the Eno OCD clone. Gotta say I am impressed with the build quality and sounds I'm getting. Street price for the Soul Food, liking it best with the gain below noon. In front of it on my board I have the Eno, and WOW this ped is knocking me out. I had not considered an OCD for years having had a less than stellar experience with (no idea what version) the Fulltone, but the Eno ROCKS! Great sounds at all points on the dial. Joyo Vintage Phase does what it is supposed to do, nice and chewy, no tone loss when bypassed, but what really gets me going is the AC Tone! Straight in, or thru an amp, this baby is really cool for $34, kinda noisy on the higher gain settings, but put the Eno (or any dirt) in front and keep the drive low, volume up and dial the style or whatever that middle knob on the bottom row is and BAM! Actually considering trying it at a gig sans amp. If I am upsetting folks by praising the Chinese clones, my sincere apologies, but they fit my budget and I really like the sounds. Not to detract from the US builders, all solid companies, but I am poor these days and it's a way for me to get to have new toyz......ROCK ON HC!!
  2. I dig the heck out of my SF, stacking with an OCD clone. The clones won the clone war on my board!!
  3. A long while, I hope this finds you all well. New format to me here, is there a search function within the forum? Thanks! Richey
  4. Color me a fan. I do keep the treble rolled back (usually no more than noon, depends on the amp) and never the "sound" knob past noon, fizzy mess after that). Sound knob at 9 o'clock , bass 1 o'clock and treble at 10-11 and it's voxy fine with P-90's. Micro Amp to boost. Me likey.
  5. I used to use a DE-7 (and micro-amp) with the dirt-of-the-week to suit my mood. Congrats, killer amps, I couldn't find a bar in town that would let me turn it up enough to getthe goods from 'er. LOUD!
  6. We bought coupons for a unknown to us studio via Amazon local (ended up $15/hour). We recorded this (not quite finished): http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12396964 check it out, let me know what it needs.....thanks for listening. One more: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12396966 Had some tuning issues. Down in Eb, a real bitch to stay in tune
  7. It went back. Effect stopped working altogether, no worries.
  8. I'm sure it's been discussed here; Best Buy musical instruments are no more. Last week I got a MXR Micro Amp (keep coming back to this one, something about it) for $44. Yay!! Today, I went (and they're tearing the room down) all pedals on a shelf behind the register. Picked up the display EH Memory Toy for stupid cheap. It has a battery in it and works fine, sounds great. When I plug a 9V adaptor in, signal, no effect. Anyone know why?
  9. Tres Cool, would love to hear 'em! Nice work!
  10. Wow, I remember seeing this (had never seen anyone stop mid song and was amazed), Love EC!! Looks like Bruce is rocking a Peavey bass amp.
  11. Looks and sounds terrific! 2 thumbs way up! Love the major to minor thang!
  12. http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/NGD-to-me-Classic-Vibeage/m-p/35381805#M4182071 Got of a song at GC of all places, Not as nice as the Fiesta Ref I just saw, but my disposable income is at an all-time low. Sounds awfully good IMO. Enjoy!
  13. I had that one also, traded it. I miss it, was a cool axe.
  14. I have the SCXD and it has been a loyal workhorse for years. I usually drive a 2x12 cab with it for gigs and it sounds really good. I rarely use Ch. 2 except @ home, Ch. 1 with pedals rules. 2 6v6 output tubes. I did re-bias it as it was a chilly 19mA from the factory, I played the X2 in the store and was pleased with channel 1 although the speaker needed some breaking in (I have replaced the stock in the SCXD with a Jensen MOD, took forever to break in but is sounding sweet these days)....nice BF - style tones!
  15. I like their Crunchy Frog, love being able to blend it w/ the clean tone. Good T/S style pedal also. Post come clippage!
  16. yup, I put a Vox speaker and a mix of new and old ass tubes in 'er. My go-to for gigging these days, was only up 1/3 of the way and loud as heck. Thanks!! It was dirt cheap, and have definitely got my money's worth, gigged with it for 7 or 8 yrs now. That Melody Maker is the best sounding guitar too....
  17. Just got this fuzz in a trade, pretty wicked: Sorry to hi-jack, would like to hear a clip of what you're talking about, post it! I just figured how to publish iPhone vids, forgive me, I'm like a kid at Xmas )
  18. whoah, sorry about the 1st one, long day!! That's the trusty V18 (it was LOUD). Here's via the Pathfinder. Melody Maker w/1 P-90: Traded my Big Muff for it,Told after it's made by karmapedalsFX from the UK, rock on karma!! I think it sounds killer so far eh?
  19. Just seeing how iPhone vid sound quality is.....not too bad, amazing how the cell phone has evolved!
  20. Got this for a song: No pic of the Dano Fab Fuzz, but I was very surprised how good the fuzz sounds, gobs of hair and output, Amp is solid state from '84 - '89 (?? anyone know how to date Marshalls??), it's a screamer, mops the floor with MG's sounds good clean too, very warm for SS and no pesky tubes! Great classic JCM crunch too, Yay!! Clippage soon....
  21. Been digging my new(ish) T-Rex Crunchy Frog. Very cool as it has a boost and you can mix dry signal in or out.
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