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Cliff Fiscal

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It depends. I utilize many different tones when I play, so it depends on the song and style

For slap bass, I love Marcus Miller's tone
For Progressive Rock, I prefer Geddy Lee's over anybody
For Blues, I like Johnny B. Gayden's tone
For Punk, I like Chris 2's tone from AntiFlag
For Modern Rock, I like Colin Edwin's tone and Timmy C's
For Fretless, I like Brad Lang's and Pino Palladino's tone
For fundamental (little or no harmonics or sub-harmonics), I like two guys'
tones from the 70s: John Deacon and Kelly Groucutt

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Mel Schacher of Grand Funk R.R. Particularly from the "American Band" album the songs "Creepin'" & "Stop Lookin' Back"

Chris Squire of Yes. Fragile album. "Roundabout" & "Long Distance Runaround"

I don't know the bass player, but I love the bass in the intro to K.T. Tunstall's
"Suddenly I See".

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It's an upright. Compared to the album, the audio quality on that vid


I may be wrong but it seems like in the last few months that Youtube has downgraded audio quality significantly.


Yes, I'm aware that a lot of this has to do with the user that uploaded the vid, encoding, yada yada.


But it seems that this downgrading is a global affect; videos that used to have decent sound now sound flanged and warbly - like the worst quality mp3 imaginable.

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