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  1. Whether the A chord is major or minor makes no difference if you're suspending the third. Asus2 is A, B and E, all of which are in G major. you are correct.....the Asus2 is not an anomaly after all
  2. Its in G...the only anomoly chord is the Asus2 which, in this case, is an accidental (technically, it should be an Am of some sort) and an Asus2 can also be taken as an Esus4 with an A bass...
  3. One of my favorite bands of the past decade "Hot Fuss" is definitely the best When I first heard them, they reminded me of a cross between Nu-Punk and The Fixx....cool sound
  4. Bass was traded to a forumite...Thanks for all inquiries
  5. I have an E-Mu Emax II keyboard sampler that Id like to trade for a rackmount sampler My Emax II has the HD-upgrade as well as the floppy Gig Bag included
  6. Ya wanna swap for the Burgundy fretted I have posted? to be honest, Id like to get ahold of that rewired beast you had but I believe you sold that already..........
  7. $250 includes shipping to lower 48 states. Will ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii (price variation). Case included
  8. Sounds like a bad narrative from one of those late-night police chase shows on Spike. IMO this has nothing to do with gun control... It has to do with crime and punishment. Criminals can get guns. Gun control laws don't affect them. Gun control affects law abiding citizens, which doesn't apply in this story at all. Even though my job requires me to carry guns, I have never been a big gun person (a moderate one at best ..Ive always enjoyed sending lead downrange).....However, the NRA is right about one thing: "If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns" Cant argue with that in any way, shape, or form I do agree that stronger punishment is more of a deterrent than controlling guns.
  9. interested in an Akai CD3000XL? sure Heres the issue list. By the way, this is the exact condition how I purchased these: Roland RS-5: Occasionally, the analog section drifts. I heard this was a common problem with all RS series keyboards and why Roland probably fixed this problem and repackaged the RS-5 as the Juno-D with a few other bells and whistles. You can be playing something and, out of nowhere, the tone, or attack, etc, changes. A quick patch reset fixes it. Excellent shape. Roland JX-8P: On very rare occasions, a note will stick. Probably needs a little cleaning. This board is in surprisingly excellent shape considering its age. It is analog heaven, I must say Roland D-70: This one has the most issues, but it was how i bought it. The backlight doesnt work. Theres a C# key thats not set in correctly and is a little askew, but still works: I was just too lazy to open it up and try to fix it. The main thing besides the key and the backlight is that the lower keys, starting on the A and down all seem to be set with velocity Maxed. I have tried to edit this problem, and have failed miserably. Because its 76-key, Ive worked around it. It is also in very good shape All the keyboards come with gigbags If interested, doesnt have to be trade Make offer
  10. Roland D-70 Roland RS-5 Roland JX-8P All have minor issues, PM for details Id prefer a trade for a decent rackmount sampler: Age isnt an issue
  11. Rowka has one ....but I dont think its for sale
  12. Blues: Albert King Rory Gallagher Albert Collins Peter Green/Jeremy Spencer Pat Coast (forum member) Blues-ish: David Gilmour Billy Gibbons (Im a bass player and these are the guys I love to listen to -- so keep in mind that I listen to these guys from a different perspective than a lot of guitarists: as in, I dig what I feel from them with no desire to copy what they do on a guitar - If I was a guitarist, I would think its more important to "emote" than "emulate" when playing the blues, which is the criteria for my list)
  13. Something I do occasionally is try to find a real good free MIDI file (Theres a billion free MIDIs on the net) of the song and either (A) solo the bass track and learn the part by ear or (B) quantize it (if needed) and print the sheet music.... Now, granted, a MIDI file is some programmer's interpretation of the part(s) but some of these are really accurate ( Its a weeding process) and have helped me learn many parts in the past........
  14. Yeah. 70's feathered hair. I know that "f" word all too well. *shudders* I think male Olympic ice figure-skaters still use that hair-style uncontested for over 30 years..........
  15. I was thinking glam era David Bowie myself. It looks more like 1978 Battlestar Galactica hair to me ... or Rick Springfield....... or Fez.......
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