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  1. So is this place still full of lightweight rig lovin' old fartbags?
  2. Originally Posted by jonjohn *Sniffs* Ewww *poos*
  3. No point paying for any of those things when you've got nose grease!
  4. Highly recommended Dave! Great little amp, I do plan to upgrade to the 6.0 sometime down the track though. The 3.0 is still plenty loud.
  5. Originally Posted by Zamfir ...you built yourself a dildo? Originally Posted by oldivor *beats Zamfir with 10 year old laptop*
  6. Bought a shuttle 3.0 so no longer after a 6.0. Cheers.
  7. Can you do me a favour man, and measure and weigh this in it's box? That would be awesome man,
  8. Originally Posted by Zamfir Originally Posted by bassthumpintwin I hope nobody pees in the shower.... What you talking about? That's where half the flavour comes from! Seriously though, I only noticed a couple days ago how much hair comes off me each shower. It's mad.
  9. Originally Posted by Zamfir I ain't *that* hungry... After each shower I have a nice warm feed from the drain.......
  10. Originally Posted by Zamfir ...I'm supposed to eat my hair? The cheapest (relative word, that...) place near me doesn't have time for me until 1.25 hours from now. om nom nom nom....
  11. Originally Posted by Zamfir I need lunch and a haircut. Cut your hair first, that solves both problems
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