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  1. The sound intensity (in watts per m^2) is equal to the sound power W of the source divided by the area S of the wavefront. If we're talking about a point source (omnidirectional) in free-field conditions then it's emitting sound waves in a sphere around it, therefore at distance r from the source I = W/(4 . pi . r^2) This is often referred to as geometric spreading. Linear or planar sources do things slightly differently. The sound intensity *level* (in dB) is given by 10log10(I/I0) where I0 is the reference sound intensity of 1x10^-12 W/m^2
  2. ACTOR ANALYSIS: the 800RB is included in his 'Part II' article https://reverb.com/uk/news/6-classic-bass-amps-you-should-know-part-II
  3. Good article, needs more game theory though
  4. Ikuo from Bull Zeichen 88 [video=youtube;kR1f7NP5oek]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR1f7NP5oek [video=youtube;d4fkajK_8yA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4fkajK_8yA
  5. DI all the way. Either from a DI box or the bass amp's own DI (assuming it is so equipped and is of reasonable quality)
  6. The ones on my hands. I've tried using other peoples fingers to play bass with in the past, but it's never quite panned out right.
  7. If I were you and I had an 8-string I would insist on my band covering 'Ozone Baby'. Even if it wasn't a rock band.
  8. I wouldn't run the synthesised bass sounds through a bass amp. Most bass amps will probably colour the sound far too much, and also will be unable to accurately reproduce the extreme sub-bass frequencies that you are presumably looking to achieve*. If I were you I would get a sub for your rehearsal space PA and, when you are gigging out and about, make sure to mention in your tech rider that your band has a lot of meaty sub-bass going on*. *these are both assumptions on my part; obviously I haven't actually heard your band.
  9. Glockenklang, no contest. Nothing else I've tried comes even close, IMVHO.
  10. I used to have one. Gigged with it probably >100 times. It was a bit...uhh...vintage sounding. Very loud, though. I got asked to turn down by sound guys and venue owners more times than I can remember. Also be warned - they are fucking big and heavy so it might be worth investing in a Chinook helicopter to carry it around
  11. Thats total bull...especially if he is doing PT regularly. I eat fast food usually at least once per week. Do I look fat to you? No...and that is because I stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. I'm not some fat guy giving advice on how to lose weight!!!
  12. Keep in mind...having one cheat day a week is not a bad idea in the least.
  13. I would, but the shipping would kill me
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