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Do Some Musicians Seem Delusional To You?


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On 10/30/2022 at 11:51 AM, daddymack said:

except plenty of terrible musicians are self-deluded as to their competency....and lots of great musicians are overly humble.

I've always identified as a "hack" and it amazes me that non-guitarists think I'm better than I am.

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On 11/3/2022 at 9:22 AM, Notes_Norton said:

All you need to do is make the right face and display the right body language and some will think you are a genius.

^^^Is true!
I am a volunteer at a local performing arts center. (I volunteer as the A2 working with the sound system.  I have even tech'd shows as the A1 at that venue.)

There are a quite a few singer/songwriters that come through on-tour as the venue has two/three shows per week....alot of guitarists....

Most of the acts are really good (very few tribute band - thank god) musicians.  A couple of weeks Vanilla Fudge performed there - they kicked a** - excellent musicians.

To point:

I am sorry to say but I am not impressed with most of the guitarists that I've seen there (except for Marty Stewart...he has some serious chops).

Alot of the so-so guitarists just riff-away (lean back/closing their eyes/with a grimace on their face) and the patrons eat-it-up.  Me-oh humm...looking at watch waiting for it to end.

Good showmanship is like a good salesman...  They entertain (which is also an art).


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If you want to be a successful entertainer, (that includes musicians) it helps quite a bit to be entertaining.

For example: I can play some very nice solos on the sax (if the muse is there) and sometimes they will get a smattering of applause.

But if I hold a single note out for 12 bars or so, I'll get thunderous applause.

So when and if the time is right (definitely rarely) I'll do just that.

If you look at old films of tap dancers, most people won't notice the intricate rhythms they may be making with their feet, but if they flail their arms around, people go nuts.

When Mrs. Notes and I gig, we try to make it mostly about the music, but we are always aware of being entertainers as well.

When attending a live performance, people listen with their eyes.


Insights and incites by Notes ♫

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It has to be the whole package...at least for me. As much as I like seeing virtuosos play, there comes a point in the show where I want them to step outside of all that...some do, most do not.

I'm certainly not a virtuoso, but I play a fairly eclectic mix of music, but I also [try to] incorporate some humor into the proceedings, be it a joke or two, a novelty/funny song, an anecdote that leads to a song...because I don't think being a serious musician means you have to be humorless...the job, as noted, is to entertain people.

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