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  1. Notes: Part of the scene is dealing with Bridezillas ('had more than my share of 'em) but even worse is the "Mom-zilla" (mother of the bride) who essentially takes-over the daughter's wedding since she (Momzilla) is paying the bills. This happen alot with Newport weddings...... The brides are essentially told to "show up" ........ Besides the $ the only thing that makes these gigs somewhat enjoyable is that the others in my ensemble are excellent musicians and nice people.....
  2. A similar path for me........ When I turned 35 (leading my own GB band) I saw the writing-on-the-wall that I was aging-out of what I did (sax player in a wedding/club band, occasional pro-shows). [What 25y/o bride wants a grey-haired sax player in her wedding band? Ans: none of them do....] At that point I went back to my classical roots (classical muso in college), started a trio ensemble, auditioned successfully for a local orchestra (which 10 years ago went AFM), and have since concentrated my playing on the ceremony/'tails circuit around Newport, RI. At 60+ it seems that getting older is good for booking my ensemble as the young brides think that they are talking to Mozart or something - lol. My ensemble gigs are usually two hours; a usual 4-6: (4-4:30 prelude, 4:30-5 ceremony, 15 minute break, 5:15-6 'tails, 6:10 driving home....). Nobody busts our chops with requests, we just play our baroque, look (and sound) polished, rinse/repeat. Creativity-wise it's rather sterile but the $ is great - although I miss my sax at times..... Every once in a while I'll go to a jam and make some noise just to stay in the game...
  3. Wow.....hacking into a mixer......I guess if "stupid" can happen, someone will oblige. What's next? Someone hacking my sax reeds.....? (a lame attempt at humor).
  4. As of this writing there may be hope. As a reference I live/gig on the border of MA/RI. Indoor music in RI is slowly coming back as some local bands are playing. MA is allowing music in restaurants but no wind instruments/singing:( I am not sure of the audiences / attendance as we are staying clear until my wife/I are vaccinated (wife got #2 last week, I'm getting #2 on Friday). A bright note: my classical trio recently booked six (6!!!) RI wedding ceremony/cocktail hour gigs in May. We had nothing confirmed in the book a couple of months ago but MA/RI are easing the restrictions for weddings..... For the past several years I limited our wedding work to six gigs per month (totally sick of dealing with brides) but we'll take as many as we can get at this time as we've been suffering from gig-withdrawl lol. (lately it's been a "feeding frenzy" as brides are booking last-minute weddings and scrambling for music.) ...a gig is a gig
  5. Good morning: If it were me I'd get three separate wireless units rather than one multi-channel unit (if one actually exists). Why? Although convenient, I'd rather not have all of my eggs in-one-basket. A bigger question: UHF or VHF? With the FCC selling-off UHF frequencies these days if you buy a UHF unit, will it still be legal in 5 years??
  6. Are you from Fall River, MA?

  7. Yes, the amp is a Hartke Kickback 10 (w/ a Peavey Mellinium BXP bass). It's my daughter's bass rig when she played bass in the junior high school jazz band 8 or 9 years ago.... It's kind of a beginner's set up I guess..
  8. Hey guys, I'm still-at-it. I was a little sporadic on my July/August practicing due to fishing/beach, etc. (played twice a week) but became consistent five-days-a-week as of Sept 1st (wife went back to work). At this time I'm learning the bass part to "September" by EWF. It's not too bad and I find it interesting as I try playing the patterns on different parts of the neck.... fwiw: I like the sound of the open A and E strings....very resonant.
  9. Facebook seems to be considered "mainstream" these days as almost everyone is on it. Coverbandcentral is a bit amusing..
  10. Revisiting this (rather long) thread: I live one hour south of Boston in which there are several music schools; Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory). These schools are producing some great musicians. At any given time there are 1,000 bands in the Boston area, most of which are trying to find a niche. I totally support someone's "vision" as to what they are trying to create (gotta give them credit for trying), however, some visions are a bit far-fetched but why not(?) I say. Back in the late 80's/early 90's I was playing in the horn section of a local blues/reggae/ska band. At one point we had a sax player from Boston play with us. I remember sitting with him during breaks discussing harmony / patterns, etc. He had chops. He told me that he was in an experimental trio that plays a grunge/blues/funk merge using a two-string slide bass, baritone sax, and drummer....... A couple of months later he disappeared (stopped playing with us). Two years later I am watching Conan O'Brien one night and the featured band was a band from Boston: Morphine There's Dana (the sax player!) playing with-that-experimental-trio on Conan O'Brien!!!! Morphine went on to play the Rome/London/NYC/LA circuit for a few years until the bass player / singer OD'ed on a gig... Creativity starts with a vision.... What some may have thought as a silly concept worked for them. The caveat for that band was that the drummer/sax player were excellent musicians, the bass player / lead singer made a niche for himself.
  11. G'morning all, At this point in my bass venture (trying to get out of the "rather sucky" stage) I spend some time searching bass-related articles. I did find one that peaked my interest....'thought I'd share...
  12. I understand that there are more than a few restaurant workers that do not want to return to work due to the reduced restaurant capacity along with the reluctance of patrons to go out and dine, they figure that they will make less $ than they are collecting on unemployment.... 'can't say that I blame them....
  13. "The people who are chomping at the bit to get back to 'normal' will be the beta testers." I'm with you. Restaurants in RI (I'm on the MA/RI border.) have been open for a week doing outdoor dining; only by reservation, social tracking, etc. This week RI restaurants are expanding to inside dining at 50% capacity by reservation with social tracking. btw: RI even has an app to put on your phone that will track your location and store the info just in case you get affected (social tracking). The above does not sound like a relaxing restaurant visit to me................ For our family, we say "Why take a chance?" We're all healthy (kinda sick of each other at this point) but we are healthy............... All of my gigging is off the table through September 1st....'been practicing daily and started playing another instrument for fun (beats watching TV). As the weather warms we will probably start going to the beach....and stay clear of everyone else. Mike M
  14. 'still plucking away as of this writing. Things are coming together...scales/arpeggios are cleaning up as the weeks go by. One thing that I have noticed: it's pretty easy to play bass "by ear"......as it's pretty much (at least to me) a memorization of patterns. Once I get a pattern "down" I can move the pattern up/down a fret to change key (unlike going from C major on my sax to C# major...ouch!) Recently I started thinking about which notes I am actually playing; Eb, G#, etc. I can figure it out but not quickly.... so yesterday I took out a cello beginner lesson book to read/play easy stuff. I am starting to feel like I could actually play in a band....nothing too complicated mind you....although my endurance (finger strength) needs to improve. ...'still having fun at this point.
  15. My schedule is wiped clean until September 19th.... I am doing the sound for a 5K in Boston that day... Right now, all large gatherings are cancelled in Boston until September 1st. Hmmmmmmm, let's see, the last three years that I did the above 5K there were 900+ attendees each time...... This one will probably be canned also🙁
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