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Originally posted by hbar

I totally forgot about this thread. I kinda got excited, because the date of the first post is Oct 27, but I didn't look at the year. I thought our boy was back in the thick of things.


Sorry...I usually hate bumping ancient threads but this one popped up in a google search and I just had to.

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Originally posted by ilovesharinfoo

I never looked at this thread when it was current, but this has got to be the best quote ever:

"you probably listened to Space Trip and those are cowbell and drums not spoons and a garbage can"



I said it then, and I'll repeat it...I seriously think it was spoons and a garbage can.:D

I love old threads.

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I like that effect you were using that made you sound like a talentless hack, what do you call that one?



Quoted 4 times for epicness.

I would sig, but the space beneath my posts wouldn't be a sufficient enough testament to how funny this is. In this context of course.

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