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  1. this thread is relevant to my interests...i'm looking for a semi hollow - just tried a hagstrom viking - OK, but i didn't fall in love immediately so it didn't take. i've had a fender reissue semihollow tele - that was pretty sweet neck-wise, pups were a little dark and dull. might be good for jazz tho.
  2. none of the videos are showing up
  3. i have an HD500, but i don't use the drives on it. i run it into my boogie dc-5, throwing the delays in the loop and the rest into the front.
  4. split that verbzilla out with a splitter and a volume pedal for the shimmerz
  5. i like prs stuff too...i'd love to get a semi hollow with a piezo...
  6. i saw some older threads in here for a couple of years ago, but just curious what people think about the new vikings, like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-HAGSTROM-VIKING-ALL-ROUNDER-VINTAGE-BLACK-JAZZ-SEMI-HOLLOW-ELECTRIC-GUITAR-/150980820907?pt=Guitar&hash=item2327287fab the guy's asking $450, with case, like new. sound about right? thoughts on the pups? what'd you replace the pups with? trying it out this weekend...thanks...
  7. testing the cursing thing... **bleep**: **bleep** s-word: **bleep** c-word: **bleep** d-word: **bleep** this is a test...
  8. thanks for putting this together...fingers crossed for a new tool album this year.
  9. Originally Posted by Crxsh I hope something good happens. Because, frankly, these (contined) site issues ({censored}ing) suck. this
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