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  1. Hey dudes, haven't been around lately, but I figured out how to get that synth sound that's all over the first album and in bits of Lonerism (Apocalypse, Walk Home, Nothing Ever Happened) All you need is a Boss BR-600, that digital recorder Pitch Shift up an octave, half dry full wet (50:100) have some high gain amp modelling on delay on bam
  2. Nice soundclip! Does the OP1 also act as a midi controller? If so, I might be interested in it! Yeah I'm pretty sure it does but I haven't used it for that yet since I don't know what that actually means... hahaha but thanks man!
  3. Hey guys, I recently got a Teenage Engineering OP-1 second hand. I reckon all of you should check one out as it is a lot more useful then it may appear on first glance. Certainly not a toy IMO. The price is a little prohibitive though, but i really think its worth it. I've never had a synth before so I don't have anything to compare its sound with, but in my opinion they sound great anyway. There's a million and one things you can do on this machine that I can't go into detail with, but here's a little track I made with a vocal sample of myself () and onboard synths, the sequencer and sampler. Apologies if it sounds stupid to you because it probably is http://snd.sc/sgiJgg
  4. I really want to know if me getting this pedal and blasting it at full volume will cause an earthquake and the displacement of people's hearts. If so, I am so in.
  5. That murf sound is awesome. makes me want one. they did a set on kcrw and it has this awesome stereo effect.
  6. Originally Posted by pbone They just went into their tour bus afterwards. I gave the guitar player (not singer) a hug and asked him what the whole synth sound was made out of, and he said that it was "Pentagon {censored}." Hahaha that's pretty funny considering it's Dom, who never actually talks that much. I don't reckon he was meaning to be an ass though, but HCFX would have jizzed to find out oh and new diamond vibrato or whichever one it is
  7. Originally Posted by The P-Man Sounds pretty close - what fuzz face are you using? RW Fuzz God II However, I really want one of those Red Dunlop ones but can never seem to track one down locally for a decent price. I'm thinking of getting the blue Fuzz Face now.
  8. I don't like playing my strat much after watching this guy
  9. Originally Posted by jp46putty Go barefooted long enough and you develop your own natural pair of shoes. 34 degrees here in Perth today, thezeng is spot on. Yeah that's what i was thinking. Sounds like it's just being blasted from a tiny speaker, or maybe even the signal clipping. Such a good sound whatever it is Everyone of my childhood summers was spent in perth.. love the place. And yeah if you look at the video for jeremys storm in viva radio place, Dom is playing through a tiny little fender speaker, don't know if that would have been used in the studio, but you never know.
  10. Originally Posted by Zer0beaT Love this album and seeing them later this month! Anyone know what the deal is with this album on vinyl? It seems to have been a limited run of 500 and exclusive (in NA) to insound.com Put in an order a long time ago and it's on backorder (because it's sold out obviously) yet there it is still sitting at insounds top sellers. Why are they still taking orders for something that's sold out probably months ago? Anyone who's gone to their shows lately any chance they're selling vinyl copies of Innerspeaker there? The pressing died off. I don't even think 500 were made but apparently they are making more. I have one on backorder as well which is really annoying. There are a few on ebay which have been going for around 80 bucks.
  11. Originally Posted by triviani Also barefoot playing .. smelly pedals? What's with the aussies about being barefoot? It is boiling over in perth and i suspect that wearing shoes would result in even smellier feet.
  12. Originally Posted by jp46putty Also, who's got any idea how they get that crunchy/breaking-up fuzz tone? like in Desire Be Desire Go I think it's either the speaker or the mic. He is using a fuzz face for his main fuzz and sometimes the fuzz factory when he needs a bit of a kick. http://www.messandnoise.com/articles/3964065
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