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  1. Originally posted by Pontius Pilate I'm trying to follow this argument...jrak, which 2 songs should I listen to on your site? There are a whole bunch. I've listened to "Superpower", "Acid Lighting Storm", and started to listen to "Daydream" before I got sick of it...I didn't hear any vocals or harmonica, which people have mentioned in previous replies, so maybe I'm not listening to your best stuff. What I have listened to I personally didn't like. No offense, but where exactly is the "soul" and "feeling" in your music? You're fond of saying that there is no soul in jazz noodling and shredding. And to some extent I agree. But what makes your wall-of-noisy-fuzz, random drum hits, and sloppy, repetative, bendy noodling any different? Was "Superpower" trying to convey the feeling of anger, power, hatred, sadness? All it did was give me a headache. There was no melody to your {censored}, no groove, no discernible form...just random noise. Just cuz you're tripping when you're recording doesn't make your music trippy. And just cause you THINK there's feeling and soul in your music doesn't make it so. You've definitely failed at conveying any feeling to this listener aside from confusion. But I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I didn't listen to your good songs? I'm sure I'm going to make some of your days by replying here but I did happen to see this stupidity Pontius.... Why do you feel the need to comment? What would make you think I give a flying {censored} what you think? You're a random loser on an interet forum. There are six billion people in the world, I am not making music for all of them. Apparently, I'm not making music for you either. Things are going really well for me right now, I've gotten good responses to my music from a bunch of labels and hope to have my latest lp released by one of them before the end of the year, also I've been asked to be on a compilation of american guitarists that will be put out later this year with a bunch of peope I really respect already signed on, also they have been playing my music on WFMUswhich is a big underground label that ( it seems) a lot of people listen to on the internet as well, plus I've been playing random gigs with people and have big plans in the works with numerous people some of which should actually happen I don't really ever read this forum, there was a period where I was buying tons of effects and I would check this site everyday, now I'm pretty much satisfied with the effects I have and am going to be selling a ton of them ( actually, I think I had a dream last night about some effects and a echoplex, so maybe). I do however see when you all link to my soundclick page... So Mr Pontius and to the other loser detractors who feel the need to share... If you don't like my music, fine... awesome... I'm sure it freaks you out.. you don't seem to understand it... great... a lot of people like my music.. I get email everyday, more and more... things are really starting to happen finally and I'm quite happy about it
  2. Lightning Bolt are {censored}ing amazing It does not surprise me that the Robobitch and many of you don't like ( understand?) them I'm going to see them at Terrastock 6 Check out their videos on the website, incredible
  3. Originally posted by MonkeyKnifeFighter HAHAAAA! Welcome Krakie! I see you took your boyfriend's cock out of your mouth long enough to type some fancy flames! Of course, judging by your 10yr old grammar skills, maybe his balls were still slapping you in your chin while you were typing! "you are a freak" OOOOOOOO!!! BURN!!! You sir, are exceptional. If there was an award for flaming while a fag uses your mouth for a {censored} - you would win it. ~MkF! "Don't call me a talentless hack or I will ruin you all!" please keep your erotic fantasies to yourself my point was if you like that guitar I don't like you I don't share your tastes feel free to correct my grammar Freak
  4. Originally posted by MonkeyKnifeFighter I mean, it's hideous, isn't it? Isn't it? ~MkF! "Bloody 'ell!" yeah this is really someone with similar tastes whose opinion I care about you are a freak
  5. All right now I am going to bed, Goodnight my friends I look forward to seeing all your bitching you pathetic losers ( you know who you are) after the Redskins kick the Giants ass tomorrow
  6. Originally posted by Merkin $10 says you aren't. Dickhead Another shining example of a complete waste of an existence ( guess you win the bet right? dickhead)
  7. Originally posted by Porkchop Xpress Actually, out of the last 4 pages, I agree with his post the most. I think he hit the nail on the head, but I only have this thread and your clips to base my opinion on. Just out of curiosity, how long have you been playing? post a link to your music if you have one so I can validate you suck or I'm going to bed, I'm done with you losers
  8. Originally posted by 4Kenoath Hmmm this still going? Ok I'll comment on the latest Jrak clips. They're different which is always a good thing but to me they fit in with your current confusion. They reflect a conflicted state of mind which has no perspective. Here we have an entire thread with you trying to prove something to other people, put other people down and of course your intial reaction is to project and blame others for your discomfort which are all your own creation. Which brings me to the point, your music sounds uncomfortable and contrived rather than natural and creative...that comes from a completely different space, and would be unmanipulated by your ego. I actually get the impression of a lack of confidence and self worth from those clips. It must be horribly unpleasant to be stuck in a state of mind that leaves you at the mercy of those around you. that's incredibly incorrect why are you commenting?
  9. Originally posted by theyapster WOW JRAK UR 1 SICK PUPPY, A SOCIAPATH, AND A DISTURBED PERSON U SERIOUSLY LACK SOCIAL SKILLS AND SOME OF YOURREMARKS ARE QUITE DISTURBING you're from England I don't expect you to understand If that was read in an English accent it might seem harsh, I have a nice smiling american voice and this is ridiculous these people are assholes, really I am losing some faith in humanity here, I'm not kidding, and it starting to bother me actually the first thing I looked for after reading your comments was to see if, you were English you all are too polite to get involved in a "scrum" such as this, if you going to get all, " this is disturbing", on us
  10. Originally posted by mst3k No its because you specifically asked us to listen to your crap on a "guitar forum" made up of "guitar players" and you sound like you just started playing. Deal with it. you're music is {censored}ING HORRIBLE shut your {censored}ing mouth you piss ant seriously before insulting me you all might want to hide those links seriously dude we went through this 20 pages and 600 posts ago I hate your playing you are a disgrace to the guitar and should really, really be embarrassed. My father plays in the same vain as you . I've been around it my entire life. My father would play Hendrix into my mother's womb. You should be embarrassed, You have NO, absolutely no feeling for the blues, I can't listen to it. Really. So why do you think I care what your opinion is of my music? Please respond to that specific question. Why are you giving it? Why are you giving your opinion, even after you and myself went through an exchange twenty pages ago in which it was pretty obvious that we had differing tastes and then, like now I listened to your music and it was horrible. I just put on "Hendrix and the COT 50" you hobbyist piece of {censored} and I'm angry You obviously learned that from tab, it sounds horrible. Hendrix would slap your silly face. That's a disgrace. Seriously shut up dude, you don't like my music, you wouldn't like the music I listen to, I heard your playing, it's bad, now just shut up. We've been through this. The real difference here too it that, I love Hendrix. I was just listening to the Allman brothers. Those song books you bout with the tab in the, remember the stuff you tabbed and taught yourself, out is horrible. Yeah you are a guitarist. You buy the gear, you go the web sites, you do you tab, you've subscribed to Guitar Player for years and years, but you're not a musician. Your a wannabe.
  11. Originally posted by mst3k You guys................jrak is God God damned awful I mean. Wow, that's shocking it's the same gay assholes who continue to say that they don't like my music. You know what, I'm not trying to please everyone. I am a artist, I am making art, you might not like it, I don't give a {censored}, some people do like it, I like it, that's what I care about. Why you feel the need to tell me you don't like my music, I'll now tell you. It's because you suck, you're threatened by my ability and it scares you. You love, the crap you play. You love the crap, you listen to. I would not. I would not like your music. Can you you understand that? So. I. Do. Not. Care. What. You. Think. What is pissing me off, is I am losing my faith in humanity. I'm a nice person. I know you all think, I've been mean, but every time, go back and look if you geeks really care, I've been mean back to one of the people who insulted me. But seriously, I thought humanity was better then many of you. Why are you people getting such glee from being cruel? why do you all systematically not understand that music is subjective? It's creepy almost. Seriously though, let's think about this jury. Why are people commenting if you don't like my music? Why are the same people continuing to pile on and gleefully insult me well after their point has been made? Because they suck
  12. Originally posted by theyapster HONESTLY "MELODICA SHAKER MARCH" IS KILLING ME LOL NEVER EVER HEARD NETHING LIKE IT OR THAT BAD LOL LOL the point is dip{censored} you have heard nothing like that have you? so you don't like it fine. Why the {censored} do think I give a {censored}? Why would you say that? Really now, this is absurd. I'm sure we listen to differnt music. Do you like Avarus? or Kemillist Ystavat? the day I did that I'd had broken a string so I decided to do a sound collage, it's influenced by that Finnish sound. I think it's sounds pretty cool, and I meant it as a short break between guitar songs, to trip you out bitch.
  13. Originally posted by pontiusplaymate intentional or not, jrak gets my vote for troll of the century. here is some of pontiuspleasedontmate's poetry : "As buffoon archeologists
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