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  1. I just pulled this out of my one year old or so bad cat 2x12. They sound very sweet. They are made in England under bad cat specs. My personal opinion is that the bass is similar to the vintage 30 with a less pronounced mid hump (not honky like V30s can sound). The highs are reminencent of an alnico speaker and this speakers really shine in Vox AC30s and the likes. The magnets are labelled V30 as they share some tooling but they do not sound the same at all. I would like to trade and will ship to trade them for - Celestion Creamback speakers - Scumback M75s Otherwise would like a local sale for 120 a pop in cash. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Beautiful sounding speaker and a great price as they are practically new. Never gigged with. Here is a quote for their site http://www.badcatamps.com/celestion-12/ Actual pics
  2. I love the BOR but that's non sense too much cash. Just get a Bogner blue
  3. Strymon El Capistan 270 SIHPPd mint/new conditions w/ velcro at bottom and original stuff/adapter Red coat series 16 ohms eminence wizard Available for local sale in Los Angeles, 50 dollars cash, 65 shipped to western USA. Will trade for a WGS 16 ohm invader Excellent conditions, never played live
  4. I have a good conditions, works well BearFoot FX Dyna Red Distortion pedal. 150 paypal/shipped Only interested in trading towards a Bogner blue or red. thanks Consequently I am also interested in buying a red or blue bogner pedal
  5. bump for sake of good old times
  6. fusionid

    FS: Flexi THD

    This one is back from Andy Marshall for a tune up and is in perfect working conditions. I want to offer it here for a week before it goes up on the bay. comes with a new set of KT66 and preamp tubes from Doug's (all set up and ready to rock) I just installed a day before this post. Price is 1150 shipped, if want to use paypal add 3% which is 34 dollars. Otherwise, money order works. If you live in Los Angeles CA, you can do a pick up for 1100 cash It includes a - Gig bag - original footswitch - footswitch double cable
  7. FT Blackout effectors Musket WTF and possibly plus cash from my side for - scumback M75 65watts 16ohms -paisley drive - Naga viper catalinbread - Beano booster - Eric Johnson fuzz
  8. FT Blackout effectors Musket WTF and possibly plus cash from my side for - scumback M75 65watts 16ohms -paisley drive - Naga viper catalinbread - Beano booster - Eric Johnson fuzz
  9. FS:FT Eric Johnson EJ1250 Eminence Speaker Local Los Angeles pickup with cash pay 200, 220 with paypal gift shipped in USA. The Eric Johnson Signature EJ1250 offers 50 watts of vintage alnico tone for the purist in you. Designed from the past with the future in mind. And made by hand right here in the USA. This one is about 1 month old. Only used at home on a 25 watt amp and never cranked loud. Works perfectly. I am selling because I want to go back to a more aggressive V30 sound in this amp. I paid 300 dollars. Now you can have it for much less. EJ1250-16 will trade for an Eventide Space reverb plus cash from my part.
  10. WTB: Eric Johnson fuzz face Have an effector musket or a whammy IV for trade if interested, otherwise I can paypal
  11. I am interested in a voodoo lab mod drive or an eric johnson fuzz face. Otherwise welcome offers Whammy (4th Gen) Currently entertaining offers, thanks
  12. For sale solid state drive. Make your computer blistering fast. 40 dollars paypal shipped. Payed more than twice as much for it. pm if interested
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