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  1. Daphne CIJ Jag under halogen, the delightfully yellowed combination: :love:
  2. Meh. Looks super tacky, like a finish you'd find on a bowling ball.
  3. Interesting - a Jaguar with G&L MFD pickups in it. I wonder how that sounds? It's definitely a cool looking guitar! It's kind of got a similar visual vibe as a Jag with Jazzmaster pickups in it, but in a slightly more Jag-appropriately-sized package. That thing looks great!
  4. Nice! How are you liking the Johnny Marr?
  5. & not mine, but the last time i posted this thing, people were intrigued Woah! That jack is messed up.
  6. Black Jags look really good- To the OP it would be nice to open the thread explaining the mods your Jaguar has, and not to wait until 5 people asks you. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2836740-Squier-Jaguar-conversion
  7. may I ask why you kept the 3 sluide switch system on your mod? also, are you the guy who does the spring king mod? if so, PM me... I like the stock switch system. Very convenient location, and I like the way it looks. Yes, I came up with the Spring King mod.
  8. Equal time for Jaguars, yo. Mine: (converted Squier Jaguar)
  9. The whole story as far as I know: born 1966 in USA - original colour unknown! at some point the headstock was routed for 5 extra tuners eventually these were filled in professionally mustang tuners were added some guy (the guy I got it off) in Czech Republic acquired it without a finish - it had been sanded down to bare wood. He replaced a lot of damaged hardware with new stock fender stuff and put Jazzmaster pickups in it. The original tail piece is still on it and I assume the original bridge. He then had it refinished in Seafoam green and sold it to me on ebay for a very reasonable price. I just changed the pickup switch and up next on the list of mods is a mastery bridge and I think it'll be done for quite a while then. Sounds like the The Tielman Brothers - they did that to their Jazzmasters.
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