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Weekly spam thread 5-15-06

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Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde - new red model - basically new except one small scratch - includes box and papers - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

Visual Sound Route 66 - new model with bass boost - includes box and papers - $90 shipped

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor (also acts as a loop and can power your other pedals with a daisy chain) - excellent condition except a few small nicks in the paint - box and papers included - $75 shipped

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus in excellent condition - no box or papers for this one - SOLD

I took the VS pedals and the NS-2 in a trade to help a guy out but I don't really need them. They all work perfectly and sounds great. If I didn't already have similar stuff I'd keep them but I need money for some other things.

Prices include shipping is continental US only.

Email: coachlinz@hotmail.com

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For trade: Fulltone Fat Boost. Basically new in the box w/all papers, used for a couple of hours, just not my thing. Latest version (made 1/06) with Volume, Drive, Tone controls. Will trade for latest version Menatone pedals (ones with the external battery drawer) or other interesting boutique pedals. Pix available, email for more info if interested.

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4ms Duo Distorter - $200
Mint condition, no velcro.

Boss DM-3 - $150
Pretty scratched up, but works flawlessly. Has velcro on the bottom.

Euthymia ICBM - $140
Mint/near-mint with no velcro.

All prices shipped to the CONUS. Canadians add $5 please. Paypal ONLY.
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MI Audio Neo Fuzz. $149 shipped and PayPal'd.
MI Audio GI Fuzz. $129 shipped and PayPal'd.
Line 6 Space-Chorus. $105 shipped and PayPal'd.
Line 6 Roto-Machine. $105 shipped and PayPal'd.
Line 6 DL-4 Keeley Mod. $345 shipped and PayPal'd.

All pedals are dead mint in box with all papers. No velcro. They have only been turned on and off by hand, not foot. They have never left my smoke-free home studio.

Email me at rickbellitti@gmail.com for pics, more info or to make offers if you don't like the prices. I am open to trades only if the trade items are of equal condition.

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My eBay auctions...


All start at $9.99 with no reserve. They all end Thursday evening.

MIJ Boss DM-2 delay near mint with box & manual
MIJ Boss OD-1 silver screw
MIJ Boss DS-1 silver screw
Boss FZ-3 with box
EHX Small Clone
Maxon OD-9 new in box
Maxon SD-9 new in box


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Mesa Boogie v-twin (no tubes; I had put RCA 12ax7's in it that I am not selling) has the clean/gain adjustments on the bottom. (good shape)$250 (Will trade for white dragon or eternity)

MXR smart gateVelcro on bottom
(like new)$60

MXR 6-band EQVelcro on bottom
(like new)$60

DOD FX-17 wah-volume
(worn but all in working order)$45

Catalinbread Super Chile Picoso (Velcro on the bottom) $90

Celestion G12T-75 8ohm (from Mesa Boogie combo) $60

2 Celestion Vintage 30's 8ohms from (Mesa Boogie 2x12 recto Cab) in good shape $60 each

All item have a $8 shipping fee and get shipped priority mail!

:thu: I can post more pics of whatever you are interested in!
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A little late spring cleaning from me...

Metallica Chino Coat $50
-Dickies brand
-Metallica and Star logo on left breast
-Metallica, star logo, and San Francisco on back
-Grey color
-Size XXL
-Great condition, simply hasn't fit for awhile

Custom made leather cassock/trench coat $150
-Modeled after the cassock worn by vincent pereze in the film "The Crow: City of Angels"
-No tail cut in back
-Wine red lining
-One interior pocket
-Again, this is a great coat but it hasn't fit for awhile

Ibanez TS5 Tube screamer $25
-808 mod

ESP LTD V200 Flying V $450
-only made for about 6 months in 1998
-SAME shape/design as Hetfield's JH1 flying Vs
-22 frets
-rosewood board
-alder body
-maple neck
-duncan designed pickups (covered)
-all black hardware except neck bolt plate and jackplate
-comes with deluxe ESP fitted V case

Paypal preferred, 100% positive ebay feedback, lots of great deals from the fine folks on the following boards: ESP, seymour duncan, harmony-central, metclub

If interested, send a message...


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I've got an Ibanez TS9DX overdrive pedal for sale or trade.

make me an offer - it's in great condition, works perfectly. my bass player just doesn't need it anymore.

the top two modes this thing has is a VERY MEATY OD sound. My fave is the 3rd setting, which can still clean up nicely, but will absolutely roar with humbuckers.

the first two settings have that TS9 mid-hump in the mix which thickens up single coils nicely.

again - just make an offer- cash or trade me something interesting. guitar gear/bass gear, whatever. i'll ship to ConUS or Canada.


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