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  1. 1- Ibanez SR2EX1 4 string in mint condition. Black with white binding, 2 humbuckers, volume and blend controls plus active low and high EQ, brand new D'Addario strings - $180 plus shipping/packaging 2- Ibanez SRX505 5 string in mint condition, translucent black flame finish, 2 humbuckers, volume and blend controls plus active low and high EQ, fairly new Ernie Ball strings - $300 plus shipping/packaging 3- another Ibanez SRX505 5 string in excellent condition (missing truss rod cover otherwise mint), translucent black flame finish, 2 humbuckers, volume and blend controls plus active
  2. yeah, what can i say...it was a gift, and i never actually researched the price....i'll let it go for $575....(i'm gonna have to track down the dude that gave it to me and ask him what he was thinking...this thing was expensive!) Check your email
  3. Amazing Grace to the tune of House of The Rising Sun always goes over well. We've got Open The Eyes of My Heart, In The Secret and I Can Only Imagine on this weeks list. You ca nfidn some cool versions of those around. We did Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman last week as well as Big Daddy Weave's Fields of Grace. My Redeemer Lives can be a fun tune.
  4. blinz

    WTB Monitors

    I need a pair of monitor wedges. Preferably 15s but might consider 12s if they can handle some decent low end. We run a full mix through our monitors because our drummer uses a Roland kit so they have to handle the low end to an extent although I do cut the lows a bit in the monitors to keep things under control. I do have a pair of 12" drivers around so if you have empty 12" wedges, I might go that route if the price is right. PM me and let me know what you have and how much. If you've got pics, post them please. Not looking to spend a fortune. CAbs would need to be shipped to zip code
  5. Looking to spend $150 or less if possible. I need either a single rack space preamp, or a floor unit like a Bass Floor POD or similar. Let me know what you've got and your best price. If you have a picture, send it as well. Email offers to coachlinz@hotmail.com
  6. Which units are wanting a shipping quote for? For the comp and the Midiverb both we're looking at about $15.
  7. The mixer is sold. Still have the comp and effects.
  8. All this gear works fine just have more than I need and not using these at the moment. 1- Behringer MX2642A 16 channel mixer - SOLD 2- Behringer Multicom MDX2400 compressor - SOLD 3- Alesis Midiverb 4 effects unit - SOLD Buyer pays shipping
  9. blinz

    Bass cabs

    I have a SWR Goliath 4x10 and a Peavey 1516 both for sale. Both work great but I'm trying to downsize a bit. I just need something as a stage monitor basically because our PA is plenty to big enough handle out front. I would consider trades for a tilt back cab that could hold my 2 space SWR head. Make offers and we'll go from there. Located in York, PA. Local pickup would be great, otherwise buyer covers shipping.
  10. No way man, its NEW, just had some problems shipping and broke so it needed to be fixed. That break, with a good fix dosnt take $400 off the value of it. It most certainly does drop the value that much. Especially since it's not even fixed properly. I'll give $100 shipped. My suggestion is take it to a good luthier and have it fixed properly. It'll cost you about $150 to have it done right and then you'll have a guitar that will still play nicely.
  11. SWR Workingman's 2004 head paired with Warwick 410 Pro cabinet. Both in excellent condition and functioning perfectly. This has been my rehearsal rig so it's hardly been moved or pushed hard at all since I've had it. $500 - pickup local in York, PA or buyer pays shipping.
  12. blinz

    WTB: 4u rack

    How about an 8 space SKB? I could $85 plus shipping.
  13. blinz

    Small Bass Amp

    I am selling my Eden N28S for $300 plus shipping. 150 watts into the internal speakers (2x8") or 175 watts if you hook up an additional external cab. Sounds great and is in great shape. I've only used it out on a handful of gigs. This one has mostly been my practice and rehearsal amp. Nice thing for practice is that it has a switch to turn off the internal speakers plus an auxiliary input so you can practice along with a CD or mp3 player through headphones if you need to. I do this all the time after my kids are asleep. Shoot me a pm if you are interested.
  14. My old Blues Junior, loaded with a Celestion Greenback and good tubes, was frequently used as a low volume sub for my JCM800 for classic rock type stuff
  15. blinz

    Bass cabs

    BLB 2x12 has been sold. I now have my Peavey 1516 (1x15" and 2x8") for sale - see above
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