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  1. I've always wanted one of those for some reason.
  2. Was just reading over the linear notes...they also give a shoutout to Kyle @ blackout effectors...just sayin. Cool story. Very cool.
  3. Off the top of my head: Catalinbread Teaser Stallion Catalinbread Semaphore Mojo Hand Nebula Mojo Hand Analogue Filter 442 Red MXR Blue Box I know there were more but I can't rememeber what. It seems like I sent him some Subdecay, too, but I don't know for sure.
  4. I'd be interested in seeing their live boards too - they give a shout out to both Tone Factor a catalinbread in their liner notes... Awesome. John said he was going to give us a shout in there. I haven't had a chance to check out a hard copy yet, so I didn't know for sure. That's so cool.
  5. I hate to be "that" guy but man, this band used to be so much better than they are now. Nah. Heavier doesn't mean better. I think they've shown a steady progression of growth. They're really cool guys, as well. I sent John a bunch of pedals before and during the making this album. I'd like to get a peek at his live board to see which ones he's using on tour.
  6. Today is the last day to register if anyone wants to get in on it.
  7. Subscribe'd to your Youtube channel (first time I've registered too). Love the Luna btw. Will NOT be returning this time I'm glad it's working out for you, Ian.
  8. I ALMOST posted to 4Chan... But then I thought about the consequences Thanks.
  9. But... but... HC IS mine. Kinda. Sorta. OK, not really (except for "my" forum, which I officially "own"), but I do have my own set of keys... But I always disqualify myself from these contests so that all of you have a better chance of winning - so - good luck everyone. Thanks again, Phil.
  10. Sweet contest Brad! What's your Facebook link? www.facebook.com/tonefactor
  11. Hmm...I almost want to win second place over first. Except a Geiger Counter would be sweet. And, done, done, and e-mailed. On my band's myspace (myspace.com/thebumrushband). If you win first place I'll let you choose anything of equal or lesser value as the Geiger Counter.
  12. Is this for people in europe too? Of course. Worldwide.
  13. You friended me after, am I good? Yep. Good to go.
  14. So if I don't have either of those I can't qualify for 1st or 2nd prize??? Isn't that social network discrimination? Yeah, I'd prefer that it be posted to a page that's "yours". Myspace, Facebook, anything like that is fine. If you don't have a page like that you can still be in the running for 3rd prize just by subscribing to our Channel. BTW, If use Facebook make sure you friend us first, so we can see your post.
  15. i kind of assume this means not just embedding links on the forums Yeah, I'd prefer that it be posted to a page that's "yours". Myspace, Facebook, anything like that is fine. If you don't have a page like that you can still be in the running for 3rd prize just by subscribing to our Channel.
  16. Hi Everyone! We're doing a little contest this month to promote our Youtube Channel. The Contest runs from today until Aug. 31, when the winners will be announced. The First Place winner gets their choice of the following : Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Subdecay Prometheus, WMD Geiger Counter, Mojo Hand Gyro,or Death By Audo Supersonic Fuzz Gun Second Place winner gets their choice of the following: Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret, Subdecay SuperNovaDrive, Pedalworx Hellbilly Hyrbid Fuzz, MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC-404 Wah, or Mojo Hand Harvey DC Overdrive. Third Place winner gets their choice of the following: Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy, Tone Factor DS-1 Blacklight Distortion Mod, Lava Cable Pedalboard Kit, Pedaltrain Jr - SC , or T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr. The Rules: To qualify for First or Second place you must do the following: 1. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/tonefactor 2. Pick your favorite video from our channel, and embed it on your website, myspace page, blogspot, or any website where you have permission to embed a video. 3. Email us the link to the embeded video, with your Youtube account name and "Tone Factor's Youtube Contest" in the title of the email. The top two will be drawn randomly from the list of applicants who completed the requirements. Pretty simple, considering what you get if you win. To qualify for the Third Place prize all you have to do is subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We'll draw a random name from our Youtube subscriber's on the 31st and announce all 3 winners on our Youtube Channel. Thanks for playing! Brad Fee brad@tonefactor.com 1-866-612-TONE (Thanks to Phil for permission to post contests)
  17. THIS is customer service...... call you later today, big boy...and i be expecting some of those fireballs Awesome. I'll be looking forward to it.
  18. man... no one gets candy anymore! Bobby D's devotion to Atomic Fireballs has inspired me to get back to my roots. Starting today CANDY IS BACK. I stocked up last night.
  19. Sad news. I hate to see anyone go out like that.
  20. I'm a believer. Not always a great one, but I do believe in God.
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