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Weekly spam thread 5-15-06

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My auctions end tonight...


All have no reserve. They all end Thursday evening, 6:00ish.

MIJ Boss DM-2 delay near mint with box & manual
MIJ Boss OD-1 silver screw, momentary LED, #7700
MIJ Boss DS-1 silver screw, momentary LED, #7700
Boss FZ-3 with box
EHX Small Clone
Maxon OD-9 new in box, MIJ
Maxon SD-9 new in box, MIJ


last shameless bump BTW :D

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boss dd-3 75.00 shipped
boss ce-5 like new box manual 55.00 shipped
boss syb-3 90.00 shipped
boss ds-1 30 shipped
boss ch-1 50.00 shipped
boss me-x 115.00
boss bd-2 w/box 55.00 shipped
boss ph-2 50.00 shipped
DS-7 30.00 shipped
SM-7 30.00 shipped
TURBO TS9DX 75.00 shipped

506II 40.00 SHIPPED

line 6
mm-4 w manual 160.00 shipped
echopark like new box manual 110.00 shipped

big muff russian black version 45.00 shipped
hot tubes brand new -140.00 shipped

heil talkbox unused w -box tube and stuff 105.00 shipped

j station new box manual power supply software 125.00 shipped

80's digital flange chorus (70's flange sounds) 75.00 shipped

valvulator 1 w manual 140.0 shipped

t bone hot british w/manual power supply ,box 140.00 shipped

ayb 25.00 shipped
little alligator-will trade
Morley Mark Tremonti wah 75.00 shipped

intelliflex (black face) w manual 200.00 shipped

gp-8 w/fc-100 pedalboard 175.00 shipped

fatboost older model w-box 125.00 shipped
fulldrive 2 mini toggle 145.00 shipped

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Hello all...I need to sell a really versatile and kinda rare bird here:

Mint Condition Ibanez AT300.
This is the Andy Timmons signature guitar. MINT condition, in UV1000 case.
-Arched S-style top with traditional flat back.
-AT multi-radius neck offers incomparable playability and feel.

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For Sale on ebay....

KORG PME Octave V module....

Bin $125



You can buy it on ebay or make a best offer. I'm also open to trades...EHFlanger Hoax, modular synth type things (stuff with cv inputs) and other oddities.

Also for sale, Heritage Academy Std. on ebay... BIN $1095 or make best offer.

Thanks heritagefull.jpgheritage guitar

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Originally posted by llllllllllllllllllllllll

lowered prices on items in sig drastically. must sell soon. Will sell both for $315 + shipping.




Hey llllllllllllllllllllllll ! Go clean up in your PM folders. They are full and I can't send you anything!

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1) Would like to trade my older point-to-point wired Menatone King of the Britains for a boutique boost pedal (zvez, catlinbread, etc...).Sold to loopjunkie

2) Also looking for Ibanez GEL, and Ibanez BPL. I have $ and/or stuff to trade.

3) Would consider trades for my Frantone Peachfuzz. I would want a booteek fuzz in return.


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Originally posted by inscho


Selling/Trading(shipped conus):

HBE Medicine Bawl Wah $125 w/box obo

EHX Pulsar Trem $70 obo

Boss FZ-2 $70 obo

Boss SD-1 $35 w/ box

Dod Supra Distortion $15

paypal/postal money order



Check your pm's

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i'd love to trade my Burns Marquee for any tele thats in great playing/sounding shape (don't care about aesthetic cond.)

the marquee is greenburst, has straplocks, a diy graphite nut & graphtech bridge saddles.

i want a tele that looks like this:

i'm up for MIM, MIJ, and MIA.

i love the Marquee, but i can't get enough
of my current tele, and i'd like to have a perfect backup.:thu:

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Mesa Boogie V twin and Catalianbread SCP are sold!

Originally posted by LOOPJUNKIE

MXR smart gate
Velcro on bottom

(like new)$60

MXR 6-band EQ
Velcro on bottom

(like new)$60

DOD FX-17 wah-volume

(worn but all in working order)$45

Celestion G12T-75 8ohm
(from Mesa Boogie combo) $60

2 Celestion Vintage 30's 8ohms
from (Mesa Boogie 2x12 recto Cab) in good shape $60 each

All item have a $8 shipping fee and get shipped priority mail!

I can post more pics of whatever you are interested in!

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