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  1. Cool, sft was my favourite catalinbread pedal. So sad mr catalinbread died from an accident recently. :-(
  2. Wow this forum is dead....in 2005 i would have gotten 230 replies by now. :-(
  3. Something with different modes like silicon/germanium. Too much to choose from nowadays. what are you using and can show me the way?
  4. Nice!!! I miss my jazzmasters....used to have a lots of them. Now nothing. Need to buy one again.
  5. Doesnt the gt-10 include a reverse delay mode like the regular Boss dd-pedals? Try that with long feedback time
  6. but i was outbid.....one of those chrome electrical guitar company things. anyway, how you all doing ?
  7. My latest creation....want to swap the skreddy zero for a wattson fy-2or something hairier " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/spindeln/null.jpg[/img]
  8. I used to have a -76 in mint condition....it never felt really good to me. I usually love wrhb but in this guitar they sounded wesk. I bouught it for 2000 bucks and sold it for 4500...that was good though
  9. Avoid prius !!! Soundlevel inside that tin can of a car is absurd
  10. it is so funny.....anyone can post it please ? it is this gf that is surprising her bf by the fridge or something...and bang, gf is down....
  11. Im still rockin my ac10. Do need some of those 3-way daisy chain cables though
  12. Blue ollon strat and vox ac-30 couldnt fit the image.
  13. Blue ollon strat and vox ac-30 couldnt fit the image.
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