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Weekly spam thread 5-21-06

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The single ongoing spam thread was just getting too cumbersome for many users... so again, by popular request, we've switched it to a "weekly" spam thread.


I will close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".


Have fun, and I hope you can sell something you don't need, or find something you have been looking for. :)

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Keeley Katana boost


TC Jauernig DGTM


Catalinbread SCOD


HBE Power screamer in black and white van halen stripes


Barber/Clark Gainster


Keeley RAT


BOSS BD-2 blues driver


BOSS CS-1 compressor MIJ silver screw


looking for other OD's and distortions, wah, filter, modulation



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I'm getting rid of alot of my stuff...

For Sale or Trade- All prices include Paypal and Shipping (in the US):


Austone Vibro Stomp...$225

Retro-Sonic Phaser (w/ velcro- barely used)...$150

DeArmond Pedal Phaser 1900 (extremely rare!)....$150

Maestro PS1B Phase Shifter- w/ variable rate knob (rare)...$145

Multivox Full Rotor Leslie-great shape...$150

DOD FX17 Volume/Wah...$60

Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Reissue- unused...$65

Roland GR-50 Guitar Synthesizer w/ extra memory card...$170


Please email:






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A couple of pedals for trade or sale;


HAO Rust Driver - $65, velcro on the bottom, 2 screws paint chips here and there.


Maxon AD900 - traded away!


Paypal prefered, prices shipped CONUS lower 48 via USPS Priority Mail.


Interested in trades for;


ZVex Lofi Loop Junky

ZVex Fuzz Factory


Addrock Ge Fuzz

WCR Humbuckers

SD Antiquity Humbuckers

Boss DD3/5/6

AM Clone Chorus

Boss SD1

Boss BD2

Keeley BD2


Anything really, let me know what you have... pm me.

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Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 (actually a plus - upgraded by Voodoo Labs) - Lots of cables, extras anyways - $110.00


Boss DD-3 - $85.00

Danolectro Dan-Echo - $50

Ibanez RC-99 Analog Rotary Chorus - $99

Sniper Mod EQ - $115.00


All are shipped prices and paypal is ok


Agile 2000 - Black with Gold Hardware. Sperzel tuners installed. Excellent action and playing guitar. $189.00 shipped


Splawn 50 Watt Pro Mod. Shared EQ version. Footswitchable Clean OD1, OD2, Lead Boost.....Effects Loop, Switchable ohm load.....$1100 shipped - Trade offers considered.


Pics available on anything.

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Originally posted by craftswitch

Zoom 5000, works perfect, has velcro, some paint chips, and is missing a knob. $39 shipped CONUS.


I'm interested. I've had one before and want to hear how it sounds with my current setup.


I may also want to try an MI Audio Crunch Box as well as a Zoom Hyper Lead if anyone's got either one.


I'll shoot a PM to you. :)

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4ms Duo Distortor - $200

Mint condition, no velcro.


Boss DM-3 - $150

Pretty scratched up, velcro on the bottom.


Euthymia ICBM - $140

Mint condition, no velcro.



All prices shipped and Paypal'd. Canadians please add $5. PM or email me (murch33 AT yahoo DOT com) for details.

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Subdecay Liquid Sunshine,early 2-tone paint scheme--Traded!




Celestion G12M Greenback 8ohm Made in England,not China like the newer ones---SOLD!




NOS Sylvania 6L6G "coke bottle" vacuum tubes. Maybe 20 hours playtime in my Bandmaster Reverb head. Tested strong and sound great. Head is gone ,so these can go.--- SOLD!




Prices includes PayPal fees and shipping to ConUS.

I'd prefer to sell these,but trade offers always considered.

PM me if interested,have ?'s,or want references.


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For sale/trade (prices lowered):


Prices do not include shipping. PM for details and pics.


Danelectro Dan-Echo: NIB. About 2 hrs use, bought as a second delay and never needed it. $60


Danelectro Dan-Echo: Pedal only. excellent condition and works perfectly. $50


ProCo Tubro Rat: Pedal only. Mint condition. Thinning the distortion herd. $50


Danelectro Daddy-O: Pedal only. Also in mint condition. I have too many distortion boxes, this one needs a new home. $30


Vox Wah 847: Pedal only, though if I can find the vinyl vox bag I'll include it. It's in excellent condition. I haven't used a wah in a long time so it's time to go. $65




The only thrades I'm considering right now are for an Ibanez AD9, AD99 or a Bartolini Tube-it. Cosmetics don't matter so much as long as they work perfectly.


thanks for lookin


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