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  1. Originally Posted by Danhedonia This probably sounds stupid (even for me) but this is such a happy guitar, from the finish to voicing of the pickups, it's really helping me feel better on such a sad day. Nice-looking guitar, and cool to hear it's helping the mood.
  2. Hey, I remember how you were trying for a while to sell off your Laney to get another amp. I'm glad you found one you like so much.
  3. I miss old SkidMarx... Me, too.
  4. When I saw Vlad, Skidmarx, and a host of others who hadn't been around in a long time, I knew something was up with this thread. Still, a 7-year late RIP. :phil:
  5. I'd hate to pick only one out of the number of really talented players on the board, but I've seen how Ed can play a really good variety of lead styles, putting up clips ranging from Greg Howe to Necrophagist (which he quickly put together the same day he first heard of them and did a really, really decent job~!). I'd also say some really decent players who've also been really cool on the forum, i.e. STEEL KAGE, Stratosteve, well... actually there are a buttload of cool players on here, and because my system sucks at letting me hear clips, some letting me hear a tiny amount at a time and some not playing at all, I know I don't know a lot of players' music or would mention them all~! I'd also say PuppetofMasters, but now I'm not sure he really played that Jason Becker clip or if it was someone else... If it was him, he did a really, really decent job~! lol, this really is an old one and one with several awesome oldschool posters as well as legends gafyagaton and -=MYK=- (still miss him on the forum)! And Ed Degenaro pulling off some Necrophagist quickly after having first heard of them is true even if the rhythm wasn't 100% spot on, and that is definitely not the style of music he normally plays. And it turned out that PuppetofMasters indeed claimed clips of someone else covering Jason Becker's music from another forum were his own. Which was kind of lame because he was actually otherwise a cool poster back then.
  6. Maybe not the best '80s hair tone/color, but here's some for consideration...
  7. Wider nut widths. Those tiny little necks make my hands cramp. Are you reading this Fender? And make it 25.5" scale with a bit more neck width. I'd like one to throw some thick strings on and downtune to drop A.
  8. It really just sounds like you ate too much fatty oily food. Not an allergy or poisoning. Stop eating that {censored} That. If it keeps happening any time oily/fatty foods are eaten, such as ice cream, peanut butter, bean burritos, etc., it may be a GI problem.
  9. Season 2 Ep. 1 is aired today according to wiki. That's for the states I think. We're usually a few days behind the states release date for HBO programmes. Do you know the when & where of it? Hopefully you can find it for your area on HBO's website.
  10. I've never been a member of tgp but used to talk smack about tgp based on threads I've seen posted elsewhere and still laugh at some occasionally. I don't see a reason to get worked up about the site at this point, though. The place has some good things about it and some lameness, as well. I understand there are people who know and share a lot about various types of gear. And there apparently is/are some companies/people who are protected from any type of criticism. Also, apparently noone can bring up a bad transaction. Hell, I don't even frequent HCFX forum much but can't ever recall a time I saw a post of Phil's I've disagreed with or didn't think was fair. IMO HC is lucky to have some of the mods it currently has. And I like that a bad transaction can be brought up. And I've seen some shoddy work and business practicies called out over time at the amp forum. On the other hand, I've also seen some amp builders chased away who had been fairly good resources of info. Regarding tgp, I don't care for how it appears to be moderated as well as some other aspects, so I just avoid the site and recommend the same to anyone else who prefers a different, less uptight atmosphere and different moderating. Life's too short and time to valuable to waste any of it caring much about the apparent unfairness of moderating on some other site.
  11. For me sitting by is a lie. Says MUSIC all over this place. Nuthin about recon debrief/ RnR. Everyone's got a right to an opinion, but along with some of the shredders who come across as speedy robots there are also many different players who can do a lot within the genre as well as in others. There are also those who feel bluesy rock musicians are all SRV or Hendrix wannabe's. There are those who fit the stereotypes, but there are also plenty who find their own identites and add elements from other genres to mix things up.
  12. Guess it's time for a "Tri-annual" bump...................... REO is my wife's favorite band. We caught them almost a year ago but with another guitar player who was pretty good but sounded a bit like a Zakk-inspired Gary Richrath.
  13. Eh... Still the same blah rhythm. The beginning had somewhat more feel - still tacky and over decorated but at least you had time to savor those three dozen or so moments. Then the lesson section - totally vulgar. It's like cutting to a fap session from some hurried kissing. You shred guys make ONE point. You can do those things real fast. Unfortunately not one of you knows what the music is. Like I said you operate the guitar well. What's your point? Usually when someone complains about shred it's because either the shredding truly is kind of lame or the person can't shred and probably also plays with less feel and dynamics than who's being complained about. Because you're generalizing all shred in such a way, I'm going to assume the latter (and have little doubt about being correct). But he did ask what people thought. IMO the solo was fine but the sweeps a bit simple in comparison to many others posted on youtube. Thanks for posting, Niikbia, and good luck.
  14. I saw a good number of listings for 5150 I and not too many of the 5150 III. Is there something that makes the 5150 I's better? May just be they have been around and the III's are new. I am really interested in getting a 5150, just wondered if there are any better or worse than the others. Probably most (like myself) haven't owned a III to compare. I prefer some of the clips of the 5150 and 6505+ distortion but would like to play a III sometime to compare with the I and II I own/owned. A bit of a side note, but everything is subjective. Some may be hardcore fanbois of certain brands/models. Some may equate better with cost. Some may not have owned some of the amps in their lists for hardly any length of time (some of the more hardcore gear flippers even sometimes resell an amp before they receive it ). And some may be brutally honest but have certain tones or playing styles in mind that others may not have for the same amps. And some are going to have ideas about tones that relate well with many but not everyone. Even when a genre like metal is described as what the amp excels or sucks at, someone preferring metal such as Meshuggah won't like an amp that's geared more towards something someone else might prefer that's geared towards something like Megadeth or doom metal. I try to be honest and believe most others are, as well, but even with my own gear that 100% satisfied me for a while, I may get into playing something different and end up not liking the same amp much because it doesn't really cover what I want as well as something else can. That happened to me with the original 5150 as well as Peavey Ultra Plus when I wanted more organic/warmer/vintage-ish high gain tones that can be better had with a JMP. Or there'll be GAS that kicks in for that all-elusive best tone or best amp for everything.
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