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  1. Hey, I remember how you were trying for a while to sell off your Laney to get another amp. I'm glad you found one you like so much.
  2. For me sitting by is a lie. Says MUSIC all over this place. Nuthin about recon debrief/ RnR. Everyone's got a right to an opinion, but along with some of the shredders who come across as speedy robots there are also many different players who can do a lot within the genre as well as in others. There are also those who feel bluesy rock musicians are all SRV or Hendrix wannabe's. There are those who fit the stereotypes, but there are also plenty who find their own identites and add elements from other genres to mix things up.
  3. Eh... Still the same blah rhythm. The beginning had somewhat more feel - still tacky and over decorated but at least you had time to savor those three dozen or so moments. Then the lesson section - totally vulgar. It's like cutting to a fap session from some hurried kissing. You shred guys make ONE point. You can do those things real fast. Unfortunately not one of you knows what the music is. Like I said you operate the guitar well. What's your point? Usually when someone complains about shred it's because either the shredding truly is kind of lame or the person can't shred and probably also plays with less feel and dynamics than who's being complained about. Because you're generalizing all shred in such a way, I'm going to assume the latter (and have little doubt about being correct). But he did ask what people thought. IMO the solo was fine but the sweeps a bit simple in comparison to many others posted on youtube. Thanks for posting, Niikbia, and good luck.
  4. Back when I got my '78 JMP it was already loaded with 6CA7's, and that's what I'm sticking with. Glad you dig 'em, too. :phil:
  5. I currently have a VH100R (basically the GH100L with a switchable clean channel) and a '78 JMP (basically the same as an early JCM800 2204) and think the Laney sounds somewhat Marshally and yet different. I like running a boost in front of each and think they're both great amps and probably would complement each other very well. I'm pretty sure Mastodon used to run that type of setup.
  6. Agreed. Sometimes a band...like (I think) Between The Buried and Me....really captures me.....until the cookie gurgling comes in...and I lose all interest. *FOR ME*...there's nothing musical or musically interesting about it at all. I get the feeling these bands often do it because they can't sing. :phil:
  7. I love heavy music, as always, but I can't get into growling vocals or lyrics that go along with a lot of that, and I get bored of music and bands with songs that have little dynamic difference and sound too similar. I can pop in almost any heavy disc and like it to some degree, but to keep listening to it there's got to be something different or very kickass about it. Get rid of Cookie (with a few exceptions) in favor of powerful vocals with a good dynamic range -- without sounding cheesy -- and a lot of that music suddenly sounds a lot more worth listening to IMO.
  8. Uli Roth: [YOUTUBE]ya5bGthIz4E[/YOUTUBE]
  9. Jack White pwns both In all honesty, I'd rather listen to a lot of '70s and '80s punk music than any of them.
  10. Before this turns into a {censored} fest between blues douche bags who prefer Vai because he has EMOSHUN and metal tards who prefer Malmsteen because HE SHREDS BREWSKI, I seriously wanted to shoot the {censored} with some of you here on who you think is better overall. I don't just mean technically. That being said, although I think Steve Vai is a little ahead as far as being a solo artist, I have to give it to Malmsteen. Sure, he's been repeating the same {censored} for decades but when Malmsteen hit the scene he did something no one else did and had such a huge impact on the world of guitar playing. What say you? I'm a major Uli Roth fan and definitely like Malmsteen a lot, but I think Uli already did with songs such as Sails of Charon and some of his post-Scorpions solo material what Malmsteen had done afterward though more oriented to shredding constantly. I could listen to Uli's music much more -- even with his horrid vocals on his solo material. I think Vai was maybe more creative when he first came out, though he also borrowed from Zappa. But I get burned out on his music fairly quickly, too -- just not as quickly as Yngwie's. In the right mood, I can listen to either a lot, though.
  11. Its not about what I think is it? Its a petition. People have been voting with their feet and bitching. I'm lust trying to do something positive. If it doesn't help then at least I tried. Thanks to the mods for re-opening my thread:) Truth. And petition signed, Rushtallica
  12. For a tone a bit warmer than the JC, depending on your budget you might end up really liking the Peavey Classic series or the Crate V30 or V32.
  13. I just did a regular one last night and went through hell trying to post an MP3. They don't really seem to have a standard application for it, though somehow between messing with one that doesn't allow uploads anymore and the one called mp3 player I got lucky and got one song up -- and even then if you click on it to play, it offers a choice to close down the page or not, then when choosing 'no' it still closes out the page but brings up my single soundclick mp3. I haven't been able to replicate the success since and don't know if the band page has a built in application for it or not. If not, videos might be the only reliable way to post anything on it at the moment.
  14. EQ pedal? to boost a certain frequency... My EHX metal muff has a 'boost' switch, which is actually a controllable frequency boost, not a volume or gain increase. Might work for ya. Yep; or maybe a tubescreamer.
  15. Lets try one-word names. Those get more difficult to come by as more ideas have been exhausted over the years. I don't know... Tablespoon, Lawyer, Pneumonia, Casualty, Bottlecap, Pinchhitter, Commoner, Lordling, Plower, Instigator, Effloresce, Christener, Mealworm, Eel, Magazine, and I was going to say Divot but someone on myspace already used even that for a name.
  16. Forboden Hinterland Ensconced in Shadow Emblem of Horror Blame the Elder Battlelorn Temporal Existence Infernal Vagabond Captain Cackhustler and the Doo Dudes Poor Pounded Plaything Insufficient Handjob The Throb Gobblins Flailing Gizmo Virulent Handsexuals
  17. ok... thank you all... for rl sport is to late here... but Guitar, eating, computer games (ut2k4) and * fapfapfpa* will safe the night. and maybe new stompboxes will help Google more images of Bianca Beauchamp, though there's a chance it might keep you awake instead. Eating much late at night can lead to problems with acid reflux, though.
  18. Since there have been a few instances of "builder warz" on HCEF, someone suggested we should have a rule regarding this, similar to TGP's: "5) NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR COMPETITOR! Not only is this in extremely poor taste, but it's not allowed. Run on your own good product/service not by detracting from your fellow builders." I'm not a member of TGP, and I don't know a heck of a lot about how things work over there, but when this was forwarded to be by one of the other HC moderators, I though - wow - great idea. So, from now on, it's going to be "policy" over here too. If I see any builder dissing and / or arguing with another builder on matters relating to their respective businesses, products and / or policies, I'll be issuing a reminder the first time, and temp bans thereafter. Feel free to comment and discuss this in this thread if you'd like. This isn't my usual hangout, but IMO instead of hurting them this rule might actually end up helping builders to avoid making themselves look bad.
  19. This is my problem, too! My other problem is that I am unable to play slow. How 'bout medium speed?
  21. Sorry to be boring, but I'm just a guy who likes teh pretty women.
  22. OK...statements like this are the reason Zack gave us that little business lesson in the original thread. How so many people don't understand why internet based builders can sell similar products cheaper than builders whose products are in retail stores is beyond me. Personally I don't think I will ever buy a ZVex pedal because I can't justify spending that amount of cash on a single pedal, however, he has the right to charge whatever he likes, and, as he pointed out in the original thread because his pedals are available at retail stores they have to make their profit, Zack needs to make his profit; it's simple business. In regards to a "cheaper line to compete" that's what the Vexter series is, and made in Taiwan or not you can still return it if it doesn't work no matter where you live. I should explain myself better. I read his post and another like it some time ago, and I understand it as explaining why pedal costs are higher for some builders rather than how the pedals will compete with yet lower-priced ones. Even the Vexter pedals are apparently $50 more than the AB-Synth ones. If the Vexter pedals are held in higher regard than the less expensive competition, I know that's going to be enough. But if the cheaper competition is viewed as being on the same level of quality and sound along with being half a $hundred less in the current economy, that would have me concerned if I was a builder. But I think it is a major advantage having your pedals available in stores for people to actually get to try out first, though I've never seen any of the pedals in stores in my area. Lastly, to all the "I'll never buy a ZVex pedal now!" guys, chances are you never would have, and even if you did it would be used which doesn't affect Zack either way so I get why statements likie that don't faze him. Probably for the most part true. It wouldn't let the thread stop me from wanting to at least try out a BOR.
  23. I don't like Moderators. Nothing against Bobby D. It's not personal. I think the idea of mods in general is pretty {censored}ing dumb. All a forum like this needs is an I.T. guy to fix the site if broken. I'll govern myself thank you. It's not like people get hurt posting opinions on the Internet. I'd agree, but things can happen that can cause legal problems if there's no oversight. I prefer moderation-lite.
  24. I rarely post here but used to and read up on the mess. My take: mods R people 2. I don't mind seeing some personality sometimes. As long as uncalled-for bannings or something along those lines aren't occurring, I don't see the problem. Also, I see no reason to use the thread as an excuse not to use ZVex gear, but I can see why he catches a lot of flack.
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