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Weekly spam thread 6-19-06

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The single ongoing spam thread was just getting too cumbersome for many users... so again, by popular request, we've switched it to a "weekly" spam thread.


I will close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".


Have fun, and I hope you can sell something you don't need, or find something you have been looking for. :)

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line 6 Pod (2.3) version with long floorboard - both have box/manual, pod has software, power supply, cable to hookup floorboard, extra MIDI interface that lets you connect Pod to PC through USB interface

heres a pic of the floorboard for those who dont know which one, its only name that im aware of is floor board:


anyway i need to get $200 for both shipped in cont. USA

(pod is still $199 new, floorboard is still $249 new, and that MIDI interface thing is like $40-$50) - so $200 for all will make your gonads swell with joy :p

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Like new, includes adapter. Haven't noticed any noise with it. Trying to slim down my board. I'm looking for a GE Jimi fuzz - MJM London, Baja Das Fuzz...or $100 shipped. I'd really like to try the London..hint, hint. :D

Sorry about the non-specific pic. :o


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Originally posted by Non-Digital Tom

A lot of this stuff (some already sold):


I also have every type of tube imaginable from Electro-Harmonix, Sovtek, and Svetlana, plus the new reissue Tung Sols and Mullards - all brand new in the box, power tubes in factory matched pairs and quads.

Check out my new
eBay Store


I looked on your web and didn't see none of that stuff:confused:

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Originally posted by DrCreep

Vox 847 Wah: Excellent condition, but I believe there to be a few marks on the bottom plate. Purchased a few years ago and not used very much. I'll include the carrying bag if I can find it.

Please PM for details, pics, questions, trade offers. I am willing to sell what I have outright, please PM if interested and we can work up a deal.

Thanks for looking




PM sent on the vox wah.

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I have a Boss BCB-60 pedal board loaded with five Boss pedals for sale. Pedals included are:

DD-3 Digital Delay
CE-2 Chorus
BD-2 Blues Driver
MT-2 Metal Zone
TU-2 Tuner / Power Supply

All are mint and come with original boxes except for the CE-2, which is in very good condition. I do not have the original patch cables or power supply. However I was using a Boss PSA adapter and eight connector DC power supply cable to power everything up, which worked out great. I will include the power supply and cable in the case, and you can get the patch cables just about anywhere. Asking $350 obo. If you have any questions, just let me know. Here are some pics:


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