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  1. the hyde side alone can work great with some amps, not so great with alot of amps though and dont be turned off right away about the controls, there is alot of interactivity going on and it can seem like a bit much to tweak at first. it took me a while to really get a good balance but when you find it youll be amazed if it works for you the way it did me i used it more as a double boost with both drives low. as you know jekkyl gives you a very real TS808 vibe - i couldnt tell the difference from my original EXCEPT the J&H has no bass loss (even without the bassboost switch engaged). when tweaked well the hyde side can boost that on into a hot-rodded marshall territory - more chunk and definition with some bright punch that cuts. it works great like that on top of a tube amp that just breaks up when strummed hard. its really hard to describe, but in my best words its not all that great by itself (the hyde side) - but on top of the kickass jekkyl side when balanced well it can be a helluva box of rock the EQ and tone control on hyde can totally change things up which is why i say its difficult to tweak at first - it can throw off your settings but im sure youll get it sorted out.
  2. the yamahe magicstomp has good reverbs and lets you get 100 wet verb with no original signal very handy for recording a dry track, then play the same thing again through just wet verb and pan that wet track far away
  3. Lower Prices mint line 6 long floorboard with seperate wah/volume and has all kinds of control functions for line 6 Pod/pro/some amps $85 shipped in cont. USA mint cond. - sells for $250 new, this ones mint fab echo, mint in box. $10 shipped in cont. USA OR send me $5 plus 1 working bass tuning peg, size doesnt matter as I mess {censored} up to make room
  4. i just don't want much of an increase in output volume other than what my amp naturally does when i turn up the gain volume...is this attainable or do i need to go with a separate distortion pedal for what i'm looking for? well since you said that I think youll be happier with an OD pedal than a clean boost. some folks have a favorite distortion pedal they also use as a boost (also with gain low volume high) but if you are wanting more crunch/OD but dont want the volume you may not be happy with a clean boost. say you set the clean boost pedal with its level/boost at the same volume as your amp when the pedal is off. as soon as you turn up past that spot you will get volume increase - and depending on how much boost you are looking for you may have to get it pretty loud. maybe not ALOT more if you are *almost* there as it is. now there are exceptions, like if the amp is already turned up past its volume threshold and is only getting dirtier - in this case a clean boost will only give up more dirt. clean boosts also make single coils sound sweet at lower volumes on your tube amp but the reason I was saying you may be happier with an OD is because you dont have to boost the volume over the top, you can simply keep the level up and the OD/gain up as much as needed for your crunch. BUT in this situation you have to worry about finding an OD that does not dramatically change your amps character (if you dig it as is) unless you are looking for change or unless you dont mind throwing an EQ pedal afterwards to reshape things. by the way - dont underestimate an EQ pedal. the first 5 years I was playing when it was time for new FX pedals I never even looked at EQ pedals because they didnt do anything "fancy" like my delays or chorus or distortion they just changed the sound. but I did not understand how much use they can really be. but after finding one and seeing why so many guitarists had that "useless pedal" I was glad I gave one a shot. clean boost, solo boost by upping the mids and kicking it on for solos, as a tonal shaper to fine tune your sound or to get dramatically different sounds than your amp is capable of alone (which can be a blessing recording different tracks with same amp), seperating instruments in a live or recorded setting, and also they can help eliminate offending frequencies when that new OD/boost pedal is making your amp fart out sooner than it should. the little dano mini (fish'n'chips) {censored}s all over my old Boss GE7 in terms of quiet, transparent and stays this way at high volumes or higain levels I guess im trying to say there are different ways to get a good boost, I use either an OD, a clean boost, or an EQ (or 1, 2 &3) depending on the amp im using at the time
  5. Originally posted by dwerlin hi all, thanks very much for the info, very informative! i'm happy with the tones/gain my amp produces by myself, so i'm not looking to produce something that's over the top of what my amp can do on its own. right now, i generally play with the gain volume at noon, for a nice mild breakup (the master volume is around 2, since i'm just playing at home). i do like cranking the gain volume up to 10 (about 3 o'clock on the dial) occasionally and i really like the tone i get from that also. so, my main goal is to be able to leave the gain volume at the lower "noon" setting and just stomp on a box to (hopefully) drive my preamp tubes harder without a major increase in volume and without any of the box's added distortion and/or coloration and end up with the tone and distortion i get with the amp's gain volume cranked to 10. i did see the MXR Micro Amp online, hopefully i can try one out sometime. as far as the DS-1 and TS-9 go, i didn't realize you could use those as clean boosts, hah! i'll definitely have to try those out since i know my guitar stores carry those (and the DS-1 is cheap for sure!) i guess my only question now is, do you think i'd get a major volume increase by using one of these pedals as a boost by putting it infront of my amp with the above settings in an attempt to just increase gain? would an EQ pedal also work in this regard? sure, bump up the volume slider and any frequency sliders to shape the tone. some folks max the level for a clean boost and adjust like that just keep in mind if you use an OD pedal it will alter the character of your amp (usually) - but sometimes it works well
  6. sometimes a clean boost is best, and sometimes an overdrive pedal works better - it depends on the amp. with the BJ either should work fine, but only if you are wanting boosted blues type Overdrive. if you are wanting hi gain squealing pinch harmonics and chugga-chugga distortion. the BJ is voiced differently and will kind of fart out and get muddy with that type gain if you are playinbg loud levels. but for boosted overdrive type gain that amp really reponds well to both a clean boost and an OD pedal. when folks use an OD pedal to boost an amps front end - they usually set the volume/level all the way up, and the distortion/OD knob all the way down with the tone 1/2 way (give or take a little on all) a clean boost will retain all the character of your guitar and should not add bass, mids, etc. if its a good clean boost. but sometimes an OD pedal is more useful - like pushing a cranked marshall. the marshall can already be biting good and have some classic rock breakup when strummed/picked hard - but adding an OD on top of that can give a nice round distortion good for palm muting and such - and the ODs (some) loose some of the low end which can be a good thing with an overly bassy marshall thumping and even muddy amps. experiment is best, it takes me a few years to settle on an OD boost when I get a new amp.
  7. I think the fish'n'chips is a much better EQ than the boss GE7. I know its made of plastic but mine has always held up well, and compared to my GE7 which sat in my closet most all the time the F'n'C is actually quiet and transparent even at high gain and high sound levels. I tried to use the GE7 but ended up giving it to a friend. I traded my first F'n'C EQ, and when I went hunting for another I did go check out the MXR 10 band, and while Im sure the MXR will give you slightly finer control and a sturdy housing - I still went with the F'n'C because I know how well it operates and how sturdy it is. I would only need a metal housing in a pedal if the big bad wolf already blew down my plastic ones! seriously though its a great EQ. my dumbass traded my 2nd one and recently got one through a trade or sale here @ FX forum. ill never let this one go and I sing ballads to it letting it know just how much it means to me. if it had a slightly bigger hole in it...............................mmmmmm plastic love
  8. I feel they sound better than the blues jrs they dont contain as much of that boxy character and like mentioned when you crank them you get a more pleasing tube overdrive/saturation as opposed to the boxy muffle/drive you get with the blues jr. sorry, i know theres fans of the BJ out there but I hated mine and every other one ive played. the pro jr is simple but effective. no verb or nuthin but it loves pedals. if you are wanting overdrive/breakup the pro jr is the way to go. if you need an amp with decent cleans to use pedals but need reverb the BJ is OK i guess
  9. Originally posted by KjStrat62 I got the Keeley SD-1 5 star mod pedal today and LOVE IT!!! It jives with my Fender Super Reverb just perfect. All ends well. I like my side of the deal glad you got it man - some of us were starting to worry that he never sent it
  10. I dont have one in front of me right now, but did you try to "hold" a chord/note and play with the sliders till you find the organ sound? you know how you can hold a chord or note and then manipulate it with the sliders? that would probably let you find the sound you want, just be sure to write the settings down!
  11. Originally posted by Bshara have you used that adaptor before with no problems? the reason I ask is you may have hooked up an adaptor that has center positive polarity when the pedal needs a center-negative adaptor but if is is a center neg than Im not sure what the problem is. ive gotten the polarity backwards on pedals before just for a few seconds and nothing bad happened. anyway good luck and like mentioned you could probably find one pretty cheap used. if I had one id just mail it to ya I was using the 606 for vocals at home to practice but my niece snagged it one day and wont give it back!
  12. put MT-2 metalzone innards inside his pedal when you get it and agree to send it back - tell him you were not happy either because the pedal sounds like a box of angry bees then you win twice! just kidding but dont send it back unless you feel you somehow screwed him, if all was on the up and up he needs to learn now that the "rule" is bull{censored}
  13. big floorboard controller for Pod 2.0 and other line 6 amps/gear, details in sig $110 shipped in cont. USA also, fab-echo $15 shipped, maybe 4 hours use total
  14. Originally posted by Junkhead WHenever i play anything clean it always has chorus, it just sounds better I know lots that do that. I guess its not too bad live, but when recording if you are trying to capture that pure bell-like strat tone or something I think chorus can kill a good thing but there are plenty of times where it works well, I just cant listen to bands that use it all the time on cleans.....
  15. Originally posted by Tribute2Johnny nice! i'm having an incredibly hard time getting a nice tone from a POD 2.0 a friend lent me....maybe it's just me... it takes time. it took me a good while to find something really smooth and natural, even though I found some usable ones right away the good ones came later i was using the 2.3 though so it may be a little different - but it really helped me to use a mild OD in front of the Pod when I was going for crunchy/distorted souns....really smoothed it out. and play with cab settings. sometimes I found the little vintage/tweed 1x12 setting with a recto or modern hi gain to sound much better than a 4x12 sim - depending on the guitar. also an EQ pedal after pod goes a long way in dialing out the metallic quality
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