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  1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v512/VH5150/IMG_3402_zps20580f0d.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v512/VH5150/IMG_3403_zps8945902b.jpg JB In the bridge $225 shipped
  2. again wtf...how about a nice tele?esp/ltd 212 relic tele with rosewood 59/hot rail
  3. http://www.sweetwater.com/images/items/1800/HTCLUB50H-xlarge.jpg I have one of these for the prs
  4. VH5150


    NICE TRY...be careful with this guy folks it cost me $62 on this deal to ship then intercept the amp before he got it.He communicated real well when we made the deal...real quick responses but once I gave him my tracking # I got nothing from him for five days.No tracking # no answers from emails nothing.I wasn't going to take a chance.Kind of a strange deal with this guy so be careful.
  5. VH5150


    What kind of trades on the 4x10? I have a Blackstar club 50 head....very clean
  6. I know its been 6 years but you wouldn't still have this?........lol
  7. you just won the award for dredging up the oldest thread ever....
  8. how about a trade for a blackstar club 50 head
  9. any trades? Blackstar club 50 head ....minty!
  10. Thought I had this sold... With graphtech saddles and a extra red tortoise pickguard.Comes with a tweed gigbag Trades Bogner Blue pedal Small tube head....Fender super champ xd head or what ever Traded
  11. Will trade both for something with p-90's or something with a floyd....ie peavey wolfgang special usa Nice acoustic/electric.....small tube combo I figure trade value on both guitars would be $850...usa only
  12. sold 2006 mim ash tele 60th aniv graphtech saddles and tweed gigbag Ht club50 all tube head very clean sold epi trib 1960 v3 sold Carved hard maple cap with AAA flamed maple veneer Non-chambered mahogany body Creme binding Polyurethane finish Set mahogany neck Deep-set neck joint Rosewood fretboard with creme binding SlimTaper
  13. bump with pics only avalible for sale or trade for non flakes...Please
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