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Weekly spam thread 3-26-07

Phil O'Keefe

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Guest Anonymous

You know what would rule, if people only posted their spam once.

15 pages would be cut to 10.

This could be the vodka talking.



or relist but delete the old......heineken replying.

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Ibanez DE7 50 Shipped (may be claimed already...waiting on PM)


Boss CS3 on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=001&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=110108093576&rd=1&rd=1

Buy it Now for 50. Free shipping for forum members


BYOC Script Phase 90


Also free shipping for forum members


Looking for 2 Dano Eqs, Dano Salad, Boss CS2 and DD20 and money.

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Fender 62' Strat Reissue - daphne blue w/ leopard print pickguard, made in mexico, installed Fralin's (paid about $150 i think), will include pearloid pickguard - $500 (local pickup only - SF Bay Area)

Schecter Tempest Special - mahogany-ish burst, put in new Lollar P-90's (paid $160), the thing {censored}ing screams - $350 (local pickup only - SF Bay Area)

Boss PH1r - a couple chips and the like, pretty minor, amazing phaser - $OLD
Boss OD-3 - more chips than the above, clipped a resistor to make it more transparent, it's a {censored}ing awesome pedal - $55

Epiphone Firefly DSP 30 amp - small 30w SS practice amp, pretty tube-like cleans, mush for dirt though - $120 (local pickup only - SF Bay Area)

Proco Rat II - mint w/ box - $OLD

Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal - gets the job done - $30

Dano Tuna Melt Trem - awesome {censored}ing trem pedal for the price - $23
Dano Hash Browns Flanger - have 2, both mint - $18
- buy both for $35 -

DOD FX60 Stereo Chorus - couple chips - $30
DOD FX52 Classic Fuzz - no back battery cover, signal cuts out at about 8.5-9.5 on the fuzz knob - $22
- buy both for $45 -
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Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man - $170 Shipped (+3% for PayPal)


This is a recent model without an attached power cord, but it does include the original EHX power adapter. Pedal works perfectly and sounds incredible.



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Electro Harmonix Micro synthesizer - Pretty much brand new! In perfect condition, still have the box and all the papers that came with it. Asking $200 shipped and paypaled. Or will trade straight up for an effector 13 truly beautiful disastor, or a zvex fuzz factory, or anything else weird that makes noise.


Line 6 DL4 delay modeler - Have had this pedal for a couple years now. It's in ok condition cosmetically, just a few dings and scratches. The only problems with it, is the third footswitch© does not work at all. And the first, and fourth footswitches are just a little sticky(often hindering the tap tempo ability). I'm sure they are free/easy to clean, and/or cheap to replace. Power supply is included with the pedal. Like I said, it's just the switches that are a bit whack on this thing, everything else still works and sounds great. I am just looking for something a bit smaller to fit on my board. So I would like to trade this for a boss dd-3/5/6, digitech digidelay, older ibanez delay/de7, or any smaller stomp box, self oscillating digital delay. I will also take cash offers, but am mostly interested in trading for another delay.


Electro harmonix Micro Stereo Pulsar Tremolo Micro pulsar! An awesome EHX pedal, without the super large casing! Italso runs on regular boss style DC9V power supply! This pedal is really versatile, and can even get a ring modulator rype thing going on. Just not my thing, and I'm looking for something different in a tremolo pedal. This thing is in perfect condition, and I still have the box/papers for it. TRADES ONLY, i'm looking for another tremolo type pedal, or anything interesting really. Just message me with offers.


Can get pic's of any of these if you want. I have lot's of good ebay feedback, and have done several good transactions with members of this board. PM with questions, or e-mail at enjoi_staba@hotmail.com

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I have a Malden Stiger + superstrat for sale. Quite a beauty and comparable to the Fender Showmasters...Here's a quick rundown of all the features:


24 Fret, Bound Flamed Maple Fretboard, MOP Star Inlays

Flamed Maple Veneer Body/Matching Flamed Maple Veneer Top

Spring Loaded Trem

Treble Cut Switch

Chrome Hardware

Special Cutaway for Cable Input

Faux Aged Wood Binding on Body

Set Neck

Low Action!


$400 Shipped, firm!












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To purchase standard Effector 13 effects, visit our retailers

= Store info =
We accept Paypal only
We ship via USPS in the USA or worldwide
To make a purchase contact devi@effector13.com

= Effects (limited edition) =
Soda Meiser - Justin Lloyd - Gothic - $225
Soda Meiser - Justin Lloyd - Rainbow - $225

= Effects (out of production) =
Mini 05 Clipping Boost - $65
Never Drive PLUS - $135
Punch Love "2005" - $65
Punch Love PLUS - $135
Vintage Fuzz Master "2006" - $115

everything below this point is not covered by the Effector 13 life time warranty

= Photo Eye accessories =
Bendable toy light for PEEP / TBD (batteries included!) - $2.00

= Limited Edition 1590NS / 1590BB Enclosures =
Devi Ever 006 (with 002 base plate) - $15
Devi EVer 005 (with 001 base plate), one footswitch hole drilled - $15

= Unpainted Enclosures =
1290NS - "MXR sized" - same as 1590B - 4.37" x 2.37" x 1.07" - $4.50
1590NS - "TBD sized" - same as 1590BB - 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.18" - $5.00

= Footswitches =
3PDT - EH Blue - $4.00

= Batteries =
9 volt, non rechargable - 3 for $1.50

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still want to get rid of my Line 6 dl4. I've used it for a few months but it has never left my bedroom. works perfect, and i still have the box and manual. im hoping to try out a boss rc-20 or an rc-2 so any type of trade involving one of those pedals i am VERY interested in. otherwise you can just make an offer for the pedal. i dont feel like selling it on ebay, so send me a pm if you're interested! thanks.

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Early ('06) Synth Mangler, which means it still has the photo eye built in. Devi decided to stop making them with the photo eye after the first ~20 units. Now they can hold a 9V battery, which the early ones can not. Standard 9V adapter, neg. tip. I've used it with a 1SPOT and had no issues (may be willing to work 1SPOT into the deal).


In minty fresh shape. $250 shipped via USPS Priority. Will consider trades for DMM, Catalinbread Poblano, other stuff. . .



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