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Weekly spam thread 3-26-07

Phil O'Keefe

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1. Clark Gainster - this is the white Barber version $125 shipped conus

2. MI Audio 6 knob Tube Zone - $150 shipped conus

Both have a little velcro on the bottom.

Will trade both for an E (Lovepedal Eternity), preferrably a higher gain one. Will add $25 to sweeten the deal.




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Really need to move these lovely pedals:


Mint Frantone Peach Fuzz. Excellent Lo-fi goodness, just didn't work well with my other sounds. Looking for $175.


EHX Holier Grail; I've had this thing for a long time now. Has served me well, has some great 'verb sounds on it, plus it has that nifty reverb gate feature. Replaced it with two other pedals, so it's ready to go to a new home. No box or papers, but does have it's adapter and is in excellent shape. Looking for, say, $120?

Might also be willing to trade my mint Red Witch Empress Chorus for an original EHX Electric Mistress.

Take paypal and money orders. PM or email if interested :)

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I've got 8 right angle ends, and 6 pieces of cable that vary from about 4 inches to 12 inches. I have 3 4''-6'' pieces, 2 6''-8'' pieces, and one that is about 12''.

I am looking for any working crybaby. Bass crybaby would be best.


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Looking for a 4-knob Voodoo Labs Tremolo!
(have an HBE Tramp to offer as trade bait)

MXR EVH 90/no box or papers/$80

Daddy O/$35

Righteous Tones Fang/no box or papers/$70

Rocktron Metal Planet/$45

Prices include UPS shipping in the 48.
Trades preferred.
No Paypal, USPS m/o only.

Also have some George L stuff
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In addition to my sig, I have a like-new Vox V848 Clyde McCoy for sale. I think I have the vinyl bag but I know I have the box. The pot is a little scratchy, but I'm sure some compressed air will clean it right out. $120 shipped and PayPal'd.


I also have a Yamaha Magicstomp (v.1) with power supply. The on/off switch is very iffy (such is the case with these things) but I will include a true bypass Loooper with the MS to fix the problem. This also gets rid of the always-on preamp control on the MS, which is useful for a volume boost for reverb/delay/modulation patches (the MS' claim to fame). I don't have box/manual for this one nor do I have a USB cable, but these things are a cinch to find. Don't know what to charge on this one, so I'm taking offers.


Pics available upon request.

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For Sale:

I have a mint (+ velcro) Barber SR-LTD that I'm not meshing with. Do a search here for more info on them, it has a FLAT eq curve... it's a great pedal, but not what I'm looking for. I should add: this is a LTD-SR in a SILVER casing with a green LED, not the black one pictured on Barber's site. I'm asking $115 shipped/paypal'd.


A set of Custom Shop 1965 strat pickups from my 65 closet classic. I just bought a set of fralin/callahams and don't need these anymore.

$150 shipped/paypal'd


Self Modified Vox v847 wah- I did some of the standard upgrades for this wah, including a TB switch, several value swaps for better bass response and volume, and a Dunlop Reissue Red Fasel inductor.

Asking $90 O.B.O.




RMC Picture wah, barber launch pad, barber tone press, tonefactor nebula

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