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Weekly spam thread 3-26-07

Phil O'Keefe

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Paypal is a preferred payment method.. Shipping and paypal fees are included in the item price.

I will be shipping via USPS.

BYOC effects were built by me. The build quality is good and all effects work as they should. I do have electronics experience.

Please email me directly mtdriskell@yahoo.com

Drop me an Email!

Teese Picture Wah

- Mint Shape

- Velcro

155 shipped



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Looking to trade my Ibanez 80s AD-9 Analog delay w/ box and manual towards some pedals that work well with bass; such as a volume pedal, synth/filter, distortion pedal etc. will also sell the delay for $145 shipped.

Zinky True Grit w/ power supply $80 shipped or trade

Also interested in those newer Epi tube heads, cheap acoustic/electrics, anything bass related or an external CD burner.

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All items shipped to CONUS, please add 3% for paypal fees.

Tone Factor 442 Analogue Filter, mint conditon, velcro on the bottom, still have the feet - $105
Boss TU-2, good condition, a few dings, perfectly functional - $60 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT


Straight/Right-Angle Monster Rock Cable - $20 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
Straight/Straight Monster Rock Cable - $20 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT


Seymour Duncan Little '59 for Tele Bridge, mint condition - $20 SOLD!


Vintage Tele Pickups fresh from 50's telecaster - $20 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT


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What does that MXR Sustain pedal do? Besides sustain. I mean is it like a muff that has a "sustain" knob or is it like a compressor/sustainer? Just curious, never seen one of those.



its a comp, but if you turn it up it adds some gritty boost to the signal

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, great condition, everything works but the enclosure is scratched/chipped. $30 shipped CONUS and/or trade bait!!!

Will trade in particular for:

Anything Q-Tron, except for the Micro

Boss DD-5*

A broken wah/volume pedal (guts/no guts, it's cool)

If you're interested in trades, just PM me and let me know what you've got!

Still here :wave:

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I have a 22' PedalSnake G2 that I don't use anymore. It's in good condition and works great. I have 2 GuitarLines and I think 1 or 2 PowerLines.. I have to look for them.

Anyway, I paid $100 for it. Make me an offer if you're interested. I'd like to take trades but I really need the cash so I can order some Beam Blockers. PayPal and CONUS only, please. I'll have some pics later.

Also, if you PM'd me about the TB boxes, I've been very busy lately and am still trying to get some of the details worked out. Thank you for being patient. :)

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I may also be willing to part with my 4ms Uglyface if anyone is interested ...


It is slightly more worn than it was in the above pic, which was probably taken shortly after it was finished.

I'm looking for $150 or interesting trades, i.e., anything listed in the "Gear Lust" section of my ~SiG~. :wave:

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Dunlop 535 wah. It's in great shape, just a few scrapes here and there. This wah is like the 535Q, but sans the volume and Q controls. It has the adjustable 11dB boost, boost switch, 6 way rotary range selector w/ knob cover, LED indicators for wah and boost, hard-wired bypass, and easy access battery compartment just like the 535Q. Sounds great. Includes Dunlop power supply. $50 shipped in lower 48.


Seymour Duncan TB-59 '59 Trembucker. F-spaced, black, with logo, in great shape, and 11" on lead left. Comes with original box, screws/springs, and paperwork. $45 shipped in lower 48



Ibanez TS-9 reissue
Maxon OD 9
Maxon OD 808
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I recently had a bad case of GAS and bought a few pedals that I don't need.


All items are now on ebay, all items start at $1 with no reserve.

Arion SAD-3 Stereo Delay:


Boss BF-2 Flanger


MXR Sustain


all items are now on ebay starting at $1 :eek:

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Hey all,

Time for some spring cleaning. I'd prefer trades, but would consider reasonable offers also...


1. Alesis NanoCompressor: 1/3 rack unit, 2 channel compression. I bought this to replace my old Dynacomp, when I was looking for something a bit more transparent. It had a permenant space on my board or rack for the last few years, but I've moved on to another compressor. The unit is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Includes box, manual and original power supply.
$45 +shipping

2. Fulltone Fulldrive 2: older blue model, no 3-way toggle switch (S/N 6760, dated 6/2000). I modded this one to switch between vintge and standard mode (more like the newer toggle versions) by adding a push/pull pot on the drive knob. The vintage mode is more open, less compressed and louder. Really nice clean/low gain drive. Includes original box and instructions, no power supply. I'm not 100% sure I want to part with this, but for the right offer I may be swayed.

3. Vintage '80's ProCo Rat2: Pots date to late 1980's (I can't recall exactly what year right now). Glow in the dark lettering, red LED, LM308N chip. Missing cover to battery compartment. Works perfectly, used but not abused. The previous owner bought it from the original owner, used it for a bit, and then stuck it in a drawer for 10 years. Great pedal, just not my thing as much as i'd like to try to convince myself I can work it in to my sound.
$75 +shipping


4. Lovetone Ring Stinger: S/N RS 0538. Includes manual, custom expression pedal and light pipe controller (bought direct from Dan Coggins). No box or power supply. This thing is in perfect working order and 9/10 condition. According to Dan, the RS is the rarest of the Lovetone pedals. This thing is crazy and I love it, but I coiuld be swayed to part with it for the right price or trade. As a result, no price listed. It will take something pretty special for me to part with this...

Some stuff i'm looking for:
G&L Legacy guitar or other high-qality strat-style guitar
Fender BF/SF Vibrolux Reverb
Allen Encore
Analog Delay (Diamond Memory Lane, Maxon AD-900)
Way Huge Aqua Puss
Lovepedal Eternity
Supaquack Wah
Motion Sound rotating speaker cab
1X12 or 2X12 loaded cabinet

Open to other suggestions...


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