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Weekly spam thread 3-26-07

Phil O'Keefe

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my drum machine, fabtone and guvnor are gone.




digitech pds 1002 - this pedal is good for looping, it self oscilates, makes weird ass sounds and has a few internal trimpots that make it do good or bad things. pedal is in great condition, has battery cover, bothfootswitches work flawlessly. Has velcro on the bottom. and ill throw in the adaptor to make it work with a regular power supply.


guyatone vt2. good vintage trem with no volume drop. in great conditon with

some velcro on teh bottom.


Digidelay - works perfect, 9/10 cosmeticaly.


Behringer dd100 - perfect condition. great budget delay pedal, i posted a review of this somewhere here.




Reverb (holy grail)

delay (boss DD6 or PS2 or whatever)

Phaser (phase 90/100, small stone, something small)

Tremolo (anything choppy, behringer is ok)

Power supplies (godlyke etc...)

lots of good cables for my pedalboard (right angles, different lengths)

Weird crap, anything interesting? love trades for whatever.

money is ok.

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Fender 62' Strat Reissue - daphne blue w/ leopard print pickguard, made in mexico, installed Fralin's (paid about $150 i think), will include pearloid pickguard - $500 (local pickup only - SF Bay Area)



Schecter Tempest Special - mahogany-ish burst, put in new Lollar P-90's (paid $160), the thing {censored}ing screams - $350 (local pickup only - SF Bay Area)



Boss PH1r - a couple chips and the like, pretty minor, amazing phaser - $60

Boss OD-3 - more chips than the above, clipped a resistor to make it more transparent, it's a {censored}ing awesome pedal - $55



Epiphone Firefly DSP 30 amp - small 30w SS practice amp, pretty tube-like cleans, mush for dirt though - $120 (local pickup only - SF Bay Area)


Proco Rat II - mint w/ box - $55


Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal - gets the job done - $30


Dano Tuna Melt Trem - awesome {censored}ing trem pedal for the price - $23

Dano Hash Browns Flanger - have 2, both mint - $18

- buy both for $35 -


DOD FX60 Stereo Chorus - couple chips - $30

DOD FX52 Classic Fuzz - no back battery cover - $27

- buy both for $45 -

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Boss CE-20 Chorus Ensemble, excellent condition, $110 shipped to CONUS or will trade if you've got anything interesting


Danelectro Psycho Flange, great condition, everything works but the enclosure is scratched/chipped. $30 shipped CONUS and/or trade bait!!!


Will trade in particular for:

Anything Q-Tron, except for the Micro

Tonefactor Nebula Phaser

Boss DD-5*

A broken wah/volume pedal (guts/no guts, it's cool)


If you're interested in trades, just PM me and let me know what you've got!

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Keeley Java Boost: early gray box model w/ cv7003 transistor. $200 shipped or trades?

Ross phaser/distortion. Very good condition, works perfectly $100 shipped or trades?

Looking for fuzzes, dist., boosters...maybe a cool wah.... Oh and definitely interested in a looper to use for composing/layering tracks.

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Tone mod/small scratches on back/missing purple knob/will include a new set of JJ tubes,$150 shipped









Brand new Fender 60th Anniversary strat/Blizzard pearl finish/tex mex pickups/maple neck/gigbag/Will have it setup with your preference gauge of strings-$475 shipped



Will trade for pedals, any and all will be considered,prices are shipped, PM me

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