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  1. 2 tech 21 power engine 60's great condition, I ran these with a pod hd500 with great results.. One has a Celestion 70/80 and the other has a tech 21 full range speaker. $200 each. I'll ship to US only
  2. Great, lightweight poweramp/speaker combo for any modeler or pedals... Fantastic condition, It has the tech 21 speaker in it... $200 shipped/paypalled to the USA
  3. Mint with box and papers. The power supply is also included. Cool delay pedal with lots of options $105 shipped to US would trade for carbon copy, ekko 616, or hardwire dl8
  4. I havent even touched the trim pots and it is heaven with a strat, modulation and a mesa mark v. It even workss great with gain... Perfect for new wave-esgue sustain!
  5. t-rave

    FS: Line 6 m13

    no longer for sale
  6. Line 6 M13 Excellent shape , I still have the original box and paper work $325 shipped and paypal'd
  7. I love the Mustang I. It's the first modeling amp I have owned that sounds great with a strat with single coils. It's a fender so of course it should.. I have never got a good clean strat tones out of vox or line 6 in the past...
  8. Would you consider a line 6 m13 for trade? Do you have pics?
  9. t-rave

    Line 6 M13

    great condition, still have box and manuals. $335 shipped to US only
  10. my mindbender is for sale for $60. It can do chorus and vibrato and is all analogue
  11. Prices include paypal and priority mail shipping. USA only. Ibanez Fl9 reissue good condition, velcro - $50 MXR Phase 90 - Great condtion , original box - $50 BBE Mindbender Vibrato Chorus - Mint Box, no adapter - $50 Biyang Baby Boom Delay - cool sounding , analog voiced, digital echo, PINK, Great condition, velcro'd box - $40 would trade this stuff for - Hardwire Chorus, Whirlwind Orange box...
  12. great condition axess products. cfx4 - 4 relay midi switcher, also setup for custom cable and switching for a 3 channel dual rectifer, cable included. 1/4 inch jacks for Relays work for any amp and not just a Dual rec $100 shipped and paypalled to USA! MCF5 - built like a tank small footprint midi foot controller $150 shipped and paypalled to USA! shoot me your best offers!
  13. lowered to a reasonable $1250!
  14. will take good offers and I'll get pix this weekend!
  15. Axess MFC-5 - awesome midi foot controller , excellent condition - $180 Axess Cfx4 - can midi control your amp. Also customized to work with a mesa boogie 3 channel dual rec. Will include custom cable. $150 Digitech rp250- cool little modeller with decent effects, still have original box , mint contion $75
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