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Weekly spam thread 3-26-07

Phil O'Keefe

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1989 Korean Epiphone Les Paul Custom W/ Dimarzio pickups.
Overall 8/10. Got some hours on it. Plays GREAT.



(I've never seen a headstock on an Epi like this before, any info would be greatly appreciated.)

Fender 200(?) Fat Strat Hot Rod.
Brushed metal pickguard and backplate. Duncan Designed Detonator.
9/10. Small finish crack next to neck joint. Took it to a local luthier, said it wasn't a big deal, and after taking off the neck came to a conclusion that it was only a finish crack. Other than that, GREAT condition.

Only 250 made. "179 of 250" handwritten on back of headstock.




I love this guitar, I just want to see what else is out there.

Im not gonna put hard prices on here, im not in a huge hurry to sell. Just throwin' them up here to see if i get some bites. All reasonable offers/trades will be considered.


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I have a near mint Gator Gig Box Original Pedal Board for sale on ebay for $100.00 buy it now, a total steal. I posted this on the board and had a few bites but everyone fell through, so I put it up there. This is a really great pedal board (and more) for a crazy price. I need money for bills stat :cry:

Here is the link:

PM me if you are interested and don't use ebay for some reason, I'll end the listing early. Thanks!

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Brand New Line 6 Echo Park

Only played twice, no velcro. Sounds great, I just don't need all the options, so I'm going to an AD9 or DMM. Comes with paperwork.

$110 Shipped and Paypal'd



NIB Arion SAD-3

Used twice, but it's not my cup of tea. Great little delay for the price, but I need to move it. Comes with box and paperwork.

$25 Shipped and Paypal'd



Dano Fish & Chips EQ

I have 2 of these and really don't need this. Excellent condition, no velcro.

$25 Shipped and Paypal'd

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BYOC Triangle Muff with mid control switch



fer trade:

ibanez dl-5 delay
behr dd100 delay
dod 460 chorus
dod 690 chorus
dod fx20 phaser
planet waves stompbox tuner

lookin for:

akai intelliphase
ross flanger
70s-80s phasers, flangers, chorus
byoc tri-boost
dano daddy-o
3 18' guitar cables w/at least 1 rt-angle end
what else you got?

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I have 2 of these and really don't need this. Excellent condition, no velcro.

$25 Shipped and Paypal'd





Still looking for Dano EQ, Dano Chicken Salad, Boss CS2. Still Selling BYOC Script Phase and boss CS3 on eBay

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Onerr NC-2 Nitrogen Chorus $55
-Includes original box and papers
-Minor wear around bottom plate area
-Has interesting waveform shape and controllably self oscillates at certain settings
-Can provide a variety of 80's-tinged chorus tones
-LED blinks in sync with rate

Zoom PD-01 Power Drive $65
-Near mint
-Can be used as a clean boost, breakup OD, or medium gain OD

PB-->Au FX Custom Uglyface $165
-Minor wear
-DC and battery power
-Red LED
-Treadle controls the frequency parameter
-Provides a variety of low-fi analog synth tones

Behringer Bundle#2: EQ700 Graphic Equalizer and DR100 Digital Reverb $40
-Include box and manual
-Will only be sold/traded together

M-Audio Midisport 1x1 $30
-Includes 2 Hosa MIDI cables
-Perfect for use with digital amp modeler editing software

CDs for Sale/Trade (All Cut-outs in EX or better condition):
Cranes-Population Four
Fever-Red Bedroom
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Zvex Super Hard On. Dec. 2002. Original box and shop rag. $140 shipped in cont. US.


USA Bigsby B5 tailpiece with rocker bridge. This one works for SG, Les Paul Jr, and Telecaster style guitars. $70 shipped in cont. US.


1970 Fender Bassman (ab165 circuit) with original matching 2x15 cabinet. Cabinet is loaded with 250 watt Eminence drivers. I also have the original speaker cabinet stands. The head was serviced and retubed by Savage Amps in July 2004 and has seen very limited use since then. I would prefer to sell this within 120 miles of Minneapolis since it would be costly and cumbersome to ship an item like this. $650.



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custom built and painted big muff clone, specs of the original pre op-amp schem. candy apple red paint job, true bypass, tone for days.

100$ shipped, add 3% for paypal.

MXR Phase 90, script modded, 55$ shipped.

Dano chicken salad, SOLD

ConUS only unless you wanna add money for it to be shipped elsewhere.

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looking for a mxr sized nasty fuzz.

I'm now making the Monsterpiece Fuzz - Angry Dick 2000. It's a Jordan Bosstone clone, and it is very uncivilized with very bad manners :D

I consider it to be the Monsterpiece NPN and PNP Fuzzes rude brother :cool:

Here's pics of the prototype

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