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Weekly spam thread 3-26-07

Phil O'Keefe

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For Sale
Jekyl and Hyde Distortion Pedal Great condition, not much use. It has to channels in the pedal, one tube screamer clone on the left side and a distortion channel on the right side. I have the box and the receipt from guitar center showing its only about two months old. It sounds good but my TB hotbirtish suits my needs better. $100

Boss Ps3 Pitch Shifter Delay Great pedal for making cool noises. Can do delay, chorus/ detune, and harmonizing any pitch chromatically between two octaves up and down, and a whole additional octave up (two above the original if thats worded oddly). Sold Pending Payment
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Also, I'm thinking about offering to build some simple, one loop, true-bypass boxes. No paint, no labels, no frills. You'd have the choice of an LED or not. You pick the color (from a list of available colors). 9v powered only. Maybe eventually I could do multi loop boxes or tuner outs or whatever.. We'll see.

Would anybody be interested in one?

Here's the last one I did for a forumite..


If anyone thinks they'd be interested please PM me.

As someone who's looked into these in the past, posting pics of the gut shots should be helpful to potential buyers.


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Ok I have all this stuff that isn't getting used and Id like to turn it into money or new pedals in the modulation camp. Menatone 6 knob pedals also welcome.


Maxon AD999 w/box and power supply - $285 shipped

EBVPjr like new condition with box - $60 shipped

Barber LTD Black mint - SOLD

TC Jauernig Luxury Boost - $75 shipped

Tone Factor Red K #7 mint - $105 shipped

Digitech Synth Wah - few tiny marks/velcro - $70 shipped


PM me with trade offers or if interested. Prefer paypal - fees apply.


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I have 2 Rocktron Guitar Silencers in Very Good Condition for 150.00 Each. PM Me for pics. I also have a DMC GCX switching system in Excellent condition for 325.00 & the Ground Control Pro with Road case for 350.00. I am willing to work out a deal if you purchase both.

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I might need to be selling a lot of things soon including one of my guitars, one of my cabs, and all of my pedals, so... listing the pedals here. $150 each. send me a message if you're interested.

Keeley Katana $150 shipped.

mint condition with original packaging. best boost I've ever tried. very hard to find used.

Catalinbread Semaphore $150 shipped.

also mint condition with original packaging. awesome tremolo, as I'm sure you all know.

Line 6 DL-4 $150 shipped.

don't have the original packaging, but it's in very good condition. no issues whatsoever.



PM'd on the semaphore

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This is a "just about finished" shot. Some of the wiring is older (when I first starting building/soldering) so it's not the cleanest here.



Might want to put some shrink wrap (or at least electrical tape) around that LED...otherwise it looks in danger of grounding out against something.

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Electro~Harmonix Double Muff *TRADED*
-Some scratches on faceplate near knobs
-Provides light, fuzzy OD and creamy, medium-gain fuzz
-Can be boosted by buffered bypass pedals

Zoom PD-01 Power Drive $65
-Near mint
-Can be used as a clean boost, breakup OD, or medium gain OD

DOD FX75 Stereo Flanger $28
-Noticeable Wear/battery cover intact
-Price includes two multi-voltage DC adapters and a pair of Hosa molded cables
-Internal trimmers allow for a variety of chorus, flange, distortion, and delay effects

Ibanez CF-7 Chorus/Flanger *TRADED*
-Noticeable wear, but fully fucntional
-Solid, metal chassis
-Capable of vibrato, chorus, limited pitch shifting, ring modulation, and flange with various settings

4ms Custom Uglyface $150
-Minor wear
-DC power only (by design)
-Photosensitive eye with toggle switch
-Extra large frequency knob that can be turned with feet
-Provides a variety of low-fi analog synth tones

Behringer Bundle#2: EQ700 Graphic Equalizer and DR100 Digital Reverb $40
-Include box and manual
-Will only be sold/traded together

M-Audio Midisport 1x1 $30
-Includes 2 Hosa MIDI cables
-Perfect for use with digital amp modeler editing software

CDs for Sale/Trade (All Cut-outs in EX or better condition):
Cranes-Population Four
Fever-Red Bedroom
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I have a Whammy IV that I'll trade for your delay
I'm looking for another DL4 but will concider some analog units or a DD-20 too. Also, I've always wanted a Memoryman...maybe you've alays wanted some Whammy in your life. I have a DD3 so I've got that covered
The Whammy is the one I've had for a while that you have to use your finger tip to change settings, not really a huge issue.

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