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I'm considering replacing my TS-9 for one. Do I believe the hype?

It's a very different beast from a tubescreamer - I really wasn't disappointed.

If you're happy with you TS9 - I say get on the list, then when your name comes up decide if you want to take the plunge. Plus, you get a week where you can return it if it's not your thing, and you wouldn't exactly struggle to sell it if you kept it longer and then changed your mind. You can't really lose.

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You have to give your love to Christ before you can order one, so I hear.

Didn't hear that from me. I've never said a word about what I do or don't believe. I don't understand where this is coming from.

If it makes anybody feel better my dealer in norway has sold some pedals to satanic death metal bands there.


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Man... this is the 2nd "How do I order a Timmy thread?" where NO one actually gives the guy Paul C's MySpace page (his website... for now):

Paul C's page

Yes, OP, it's best to call him. He'll admit he's not very good w/ e-mail, so just call him...

If only someone would step up and make that man a proper web site...:idea:

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