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  1. Looks great. It's only a matter of time until someone puts out a standard "load your own algorithm" pedal and releases software to create effects.
  2. Looks like a festering tumor or parasitic twin they pulled out of someone's abdomen.
  3. I dont think Devi Ever makes a pedal that is good for anything
  4. Did one semester of band in high school. Majored in music in college. Work in IT and play music on the side.
  5. Did one semester of band in high school. Majored in music in college. Work in IT and play music on the side.
  6. Grats man I just started as a QA analyst/tester a few weeks ago. I get paid good money to {censored} around with SQL all day. It rules.
  7. Picked up a '41 Finnish M39 in a nice war time stock. Also a 'classic collection' ninja turtle. It rules ass.
  8. Originally Posted by almightycrunch Guess someone needs a new line of work? wonder how that interview went? "Oh yeah dude, I stormed the beach at Normandy, and slugged it out with Charlie at Da Nang, Im your man" His inaction led to a rethinking of how to respond to these types of crimes. At the time, I think, it was protocol to wait for backup when outgunned. Obviously that is no longer the case. He's still a {censored}.
  9. Picked up a 1941 M39 for Christmas. Haven't pulled the receiver to get a tang date yet. Can't wait to shoot it.
  10. Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy Fwiw, columbine had an armed guard on duty on that fateful date in 1999. By the time a surprise shooting occurs, there isn't time to unlock an ar15 and ballistic vest and make it to a classroom. It's my understanding the armed guard hid outside until the police showed up. He realized there were two gunmen and didn't want to risk himself by trying to stop them.
  11. Looks great, you really nailed it with this one man
  12. I'm thinking about going back to a Timmy from the Tim. I just never use the boost.
  13. Ever happen to you? We had a lead guitarist play with us for a bit. Guy was good, knew his {censored}, knew some theory, was quite a bit better than me. So we jammed for a couple months, and he had this little riff that he showed me the chord for. I came back with a whole new progression for the verse and chorus. Came up with an intro and he even "let me" write a lead part at the end. We started playing it as a band and almost got it down pretty solid, but he started slacking off and seemed like he was having a tough time dealing with me "the lesser guitar talent" always coming up with
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