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New Bass Amp Day ) ) ) - Vintage Sunn Concert Bass


A craigslist impulse buy that was too good of a deal to pass on. Caught my eye because there's almost never decent gear on my local craigslist and I've never tried any sort of Sunn amp. The guy who sold it to me bought it new back in the day (couldn't remember the exact year - any idea how to date these?) and gigged it for years before retiring it for a boogie rig. He also showed me his keeper stash of gear that was pretty killer (old fender's, marshalls, and gibsons). Anyway, the Sunn's super loud and very clean, takes pedals really well. I need a better bass cab/speaker to really put it through its paces but my Carvin LB70 > Woolly Mammoth > Sunn > 1x12 Ear Candy was pretty massive sounding.

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