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Well, that set me back.
MOOER Hustle Drive Distortion Effect Pedal
MOOER Orange Faze
JOYO JP-02 Guitar Effect Pedals Power Supply 10 Isolated Output
JOYO JF-16 Guitar British Sound Amplifier Effect Pedal
Mooer Guitar Effect Pedal Trelicopter Optical Tremolo
MOOER Pitch Box Pitch Shifting Pedal
Moen 1/4" Jumper Cable Mono Jack Short Guitar Effects Pedal Patch Cord

Discount -$274.09 USD
Subtotal $227.91 USD

Everything was discounted 55%. Paypal worked fine. I would have gotten a Joyo Sweet Baby, but just got one last week. You should get one, too.

The Sweet Baby I got, it came from China and took about 17 days I think.

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Quote Originally Posted by Crucial Kyle View Post
Wow! Thanks for this.

For everyone having trouble I think that the code requires you to have ONE or more mooer pedals in your cart to get the code and I believe it only works with other pedals
Yes, I just tried that with the Ultimate Octave. Once I added a Mooer pedal, then the UO was also discounted.
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Same crap. I don't get it my address is correct so I guess I'll miss this deal.


Did you enter your physical address on the marcmart site exactly as it appears on your Paypal account? The error shouldn't be from Paypals end if your account works everywhere else.

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