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whats a good way to dry a wet guitar?


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Noob resurrects two zombie threads within ten minutes of each other. :thu:


I'm on it.


1. Wet guitars are usually not wet all over. This leads to problems in drying them out.

2. To make sure the wetness is uniform throughout the instrument, fill a bath tub w/water (room temp.)

3. Carefully remove the tuners and other metal parts from the guitar.

4. Carefully remove any electronics.

5. Slowly, dunk the guitar into the bath-tub. Hold it down for 2 minutes.

6. Now you have a wet guitar that should be uniformly wet.

7. Take the wet guitar outside.

8. Suspend it from a clothes line.

9. Leave it until daylight starts to fade.

10. Bring it inside. Test it for wetness.

11. If it is dry everywhere except inside the sound-hole, use a hair-dryer.

12. If it is still uniformly wet, keep it in a warm, dry spot & after sunrise, hang it up on the clothes line again.


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On 3/10/2021 at 9:04 AM, LargeLizard2 said:

A dog pissed on my guitar and before I could do something my mom had washed it but like 4 inches by 1 inch of moisture got on the inside of my guitar. So will it be ok??

11. from the 2017 response...

use a hair dryer on it. a few minutes should do it.

Now, about the dog...why did he piss on the guitar? Is he a music critter critic, or did you do something to him he didn't like?

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