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  1. I tried out for a band today and i was playing one of my own songs with some palm muting, (first part of clip) (this is just a DI recording thru garageband) http://hc.bloodyvelvet.com/files/270...k%20issues.mp3 But when i was playing the song in real life, i got really bad feedback EVEN though i was muting the strings that weren't being played---- the rest of the audition went really well though they really liked my playing Now is this more due to the fact that i was playing with 1. A es-335 2. or too much gain (amptweaker tight rock maxed out out on a peavey) 3. (also which direction should i face for more/less feedback? in relation of terms towards the amp Cuz its obviously cheaper to just get another slightly more clean distortion pedal for that type of stuff (so i have basically 2 gain stages) than a solid body guitar i can really bond with, i have a schecter c-1, but i don't really like the tone of it--- compared to the ES-335 greatness.
  2. I'm pretty good at palm muting power chords chugga chugga when sitting down, but when standing up it seems like i have to relearn the entire technique... i dont seem to have as much range with my right hand palm.. the guitar isn't slung too low either when i'm standing its like medium
  3. Is there a site that lists how bands started speeding up tremolo picking? like of course band like black sabbath first started that palm muting type low chug, but the first song that i know where it starts to get faster is 1978--- Exciter--- Judas Priest 1984--- Fight Fire with Fire---Metallica ---- even faster 1987---- Zombie Ritual--- Death----- even faster.... anyone know any songs that have even faster ttremolo picking in i'm probably missing a bunch of bands but i'm just getting into metal lol
  4. when i look closely at my hand the pick doesn't really change position- what happens is usually the pick is parallel to the string, when i play pinch harmonics i have to rotate my thumb/pointer finger a bit so the pick is slightly at an angle---- but i think this is normal for everyone i have found that jeremy's advice might be the issue here.... i just realized i can hit the string lighter and still get the harmonic-- edit: actually jeremys advice worked great i can do a lot better now (i WAS pushing too hard into the string when doing the harmonics) thanks a lot
  5. im using a tortex one it seems the reason why is because i have to slightly change the position of the pick to play the pinch harmonic s
  6. yeah a guy on Thegearpage said in 5 years it should be more stable
  7. I can play pinch harmonics fine, but when i try to play them with riffs the pick always starts sliding a little bit in till i'm left with hardly any of the pick to play with.... i have no problem playing pinch harmonics in between soloing
  8. it seems every time i get my es-335 to the relief where i want it at (tiniest gap at the 12th fret when holding down the string) it goes up by itself... and i need to constantly tinker with the truss rod....is this bad for the guitar? its not that much of hassle will the neck stabilize in time? guitar is only a year old i keep it in the case when im not playing it.... but i dont close the latches... should i do that? the temperature is pretty weird though im in NY and just yesterday it was like 60 degrees... a week ago is was 32
  9. well you gotta know what the rules are before you break them dude i woudln't say im super schooled on theory, but i know enough to know what im doing
  10. [YOUTUBE]kU_cLrX7ph4[/YOUTUBE] i pretty know what much the chords are to most of this song except the 20 second intro and then the outro at 3:30, which is the intro
  11. most good rock musicians do know some theory.... they just say they don't to look cool
  12. i need ti seriously print that out in size 82 font and hang it on my bedroom wall you're like my guru to writing better songs
  13. why is it that most of my favorite songs will have a the vocal melody sound a note on the last offbeat that sustains into the next chord??? this is such a good sounding trick
  14. hmm i think i figured out the chords out.... it just seems really weird like the song keeps going up and up
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