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  • Christmas dobro

    The old Nat basking in the light of the tree

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    Cool. I can't tell if it's an ornament or whether it has ornaments on it. Either way, it's purty. Thanks for posting.
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      "Honey, can we leave the tree and lights up all year? Makes my guitar so pretty...."
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        Originally posted by Freeman Keller View Post
        The old Nat basking in the light of the tree

        I have a dobro similar to that. Mine is a 33H with the larger cone. I must have bought it 20 plus years ago.

        The larger cone is still a biscuit cone, unlike the F60 woody I have.

        Back in the days before the net was big. I bought mine for Elderly Music out of there catalog they used to send out.

        National was around, but I don't think National was going that well, and Dobro was far behind.

        One thing I dislike about my dobro is it has no side fret markers and I'm always hovering over the thing.

        I was think about taking it to my local luthier for side fret markers.

        Other than that it's a real cool piece.

        A guy named Mike Replogle was running the show in the mid 90's. I actually called OMI and a very old woman answered the phone. She was probably family of the Dopyera brothers , but I don't actually know that.

        Mike Replogle I believe is still making cones. They need to be hand done and it's an art.

        I don't know what happen to the Dobro tooling, but it might be gone for ever. The last real Dobro I saw that Gibson had was the wood body Jerry Douglas model.

        I actually wish that Gibson would bring back the Dobros, instead of thinking about one more ways to gussy up a Les Paul.

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          happy xmas, hope you had some great time with your family


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            Nice! Roundneck?
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            • Freeman Keller
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              Yes, 1980 Dobro Duolian, Roundneck, 14 fret, NRP cone. I'm going to be selling several guitars this year, this will probably be one of them (I don't need three resonators)