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anybody like cheap pedals?

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  • anybody like cheap pedals?

    I have the boss ds-1, super overdrive, and gcb-95 wahwah pedals. i like em. theyre cheap, but sound great. assuming you have a good amp and guitar already. what cheap pedals do you use?

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    Have...DeltaLab, Danelectro FAB, Joyo, Behringer, Arion....too lazy to look through whole collection for itemized list
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      I have lots of relatively inexpensive pedals. I also have some expensive ones. You can get great sounding cheap pedals, as well as great sounding expensive pedals.

      Probably my favorite "cheap pedal" is my Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ. I have it "on" far more often than not.

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        I bought a Joyo tremolo that I like just fine.

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          I love the Behringer AM 100 acoustic simulator and the Arion Hot Watt.
          Great sounding for what many consider to be bottom of the barrel pedals.
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            If I'm recalling correctly, I think I bought my Digitech Synth Wah used for under $50 back in 2007. I love that pedal!


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              I love getting expensive pedals for cheap. I got my Boss Metal Zone for $20. Best cheap pedal I got and paid full price for is my Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ.
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                i used to have the metal zone. i gave it to my niece as a christmas present. the reason is the metal zone lacks mids and has too much bass. i can't seem to hear it well i have to boost the midrange all the way up.

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              I like brands like Mooer or Joyo. Especially this one
              But the best cheap pedal i've ever had is this one


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                Behringer's Ultra Shifter/Harmonist is probably one of the sweetest pitch shifting pedals you can get, combine it with a cheap zoom expression pedal and you have an amazing polyphonic shifter pedal that beats up on digitech and ehx all day long for a fraction of the price.

                I also like cheap dirt pedals ala digitech or the newer marshall guv'nor 2. MXR's dirt boxes can be had new for under $100 and sound great also.

                Also digitech digidelays are fantastic for the price new and used. I pull them out to play with smaller combos all the time.

                So for the most part, I'm a fan of cheap effects. I am definitely no stranger to them.
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                  I've tried some Beringer effects pedals and I was impressed by the sound quality of the pedals.
                  One draw back, is when you press down to engage the pedal, it's noisy. I solved the problem by using a RJM Mini Effects Gizmo 😂
                  Those plastic enclosures are sure noise.
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                In my studio I have an extra amp setup for Guest guitarists with a pedal board full of Behringer pedals.
                I don't think I paid more then $25 for any of them.

                The best in that bunch are the Tube screamer, Big Muff clones and the 24 bit Digital Echo are excellent for the price.
                Theres an MXR compressor clone that isn't bad if you like that kind of compression
                The Chorus and Phaser aren't the best but you can get by with them.

                The Fuzz is a copy of a Univox Fuzz and gives you an octave harmonic. Not exactly my cup of tea but its not the fault of the quality, just not something I prefer.

                The GDI21 and BDI21 V Tone, active DI boxes aren't bad for the price. They are both Sans Amp type clones for bass and guitar and you can dial up a decent tone for recording. They are quiet but not overly versatile. I also have the Bass limiter which is pretty good for pumping up bass recording or live. Its not mushy like a compressor and has a tone knob which is tuned to bass frequencies. Good for getting a little slap to the bass when turned up.

                I have dozens of other pedals which are higher quality like Boss, Morley, Maestro EH etc., all of which I paid much less then retail.

                They key is not to be in a rush to buy. In the past I'd get some money and couldn't wait to spend it, often times spending more then I should have for gear. Now I check pricing on items I may need. If most places list it at say $100, chances are you can get the item for $60 or even less is you keep trolling around on places like EBay. You have the money available so when that deal comes along you can jump on it.


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                  eBay is a great way to get gear for cheap, Reverb is another source too.
                  Back in the day , I bought a Johnson Millennium 250, an amp that was way way ahead of it's and gave me so much tonal options. It broke my heart to sell it , I bought it new and I had to pay an arm and a leg N half.
                  Now you can get them at 40% of the cost of when they were new.
                  Right now, the Line 6 Helix is the rage .... wait a year and the puppy will not be as expensive.
                  How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb ? Five , one to screw it in , hit the switch and four to sit around bragging how much better they could have done it !!!! 😱👹😲


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                    I bought a Joyo Vintage Overdrive yesterday for $23 with free shipping.

                    Its a Tube Screamer clone that uses the same RC4558 chip and pots as an Ibanez.

                    Many people rate them as high as an Ibanez running them in a side by side comparison, and there isn't even any tweaking needed to get them to sound the same. you can set the knobs the same and get the same results.

                    When you add up the cost of parts and having them shipped to you I couldn't even buy the parts to build a TS that cheap.
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                      klon soul food $26
                      biyang Dyna Comp $50
                      behringer TO (the blue one they dont make anymore) tube screamer $20
                      mooer rat $27
                      biyang fuzz star big muff $50
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                        By the way I got that Joyo Vintage overdrive in this weekend and get to use it all weekend both recording and playing through an amp.
                        Sounds as good as my old TS808 did. The build is very good and its got decent pots in it too. The pots are packed with conductive grease which gives you that slow smooth feel to it. Makes it difficult to accidentally kick the setting with your feet.

                        I used it recording before an amp emulator unit set for clean. You do notice the drop off in bass like you would most tube screamers. I may do that bass boost mod on this one just for recording purposes. You don't need it for leads but for chords getting some response below 200hz might be worthwhile.

                        Simple mod in any case, you just add a second cap in series with a switch. There's a couple of others which are pretty simple too. One to make it sound like a TS9 and one to boost the gain. I really don't need those mods but I know I can make them if I want.
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                          I do like cheap pedals and have had and have a whole bunch. Probably my two favorite that I've gotten are a DOD OD 250, Digitech FX75-B flanger and a EHX LPB-1.
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