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  1. There is also the issue of modified and pure sine wave inverters. I have had damaged amps from using a MSW inverter, won't use them again.
  2. Posted in a couple other forums with zero responses so asking here................anyone familiar with these amps? I read one opinion that they were made by Massie for GL. Have a line on one cheap but not sure what they are worth.
  3. You could talk to Ben Fargen and have him custom design an amp just for you.
  4. Great amps no longer made..... Dumble 😄 Rickenbacker's various models Valcos/Supro/Gretsch Guild Thunderbass Blackface Fenders vintage Ampegs Reverberockets, etc... vintage Magnatones/Panaramics/Tonemaster, etc.... Gibson GA40's old Traynors All of these are under 50 watt amps except for the Thunderbass and being vintage maintenance is a given. There are many more obscure makers beyond this, lots of neat amps out there and junk too.
  5. There is something to be said for good copies. According to numerous stories, Slashs main LP was not a real Gibson but a copy built by a very good luthier. Being a parts guitar doesn't mean it won't play well, you just need to check it carefully.
  6. Guitars like this tend to be a great deal more valuable to the original owner than anyone following. The excitement of spec'ing out your own guitar can fog the true value upon resale. I would say you're going to have to put hands on it to know what it's worth to you.
  7. I guess you know that Warmoth does indeed make good necks and bodies. However I would share some of your concerns primarily if the bridge was properly located. Bolt on necks can be easily adjusted so not much of a worry there. Do you live near this seller so you could inspect it ?
  8. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool LP player, always have been. The weight distribution, feel, everything on a LP is just right for me. Over the years I've wanted to branch out a bit and try different tones with Strats and Teles. I've had a number of each and just cannot bond with them !! I just parted with my last pair of Strats at a super cool music store in Portland Or. While we were working the deal, I spotted a very clean 2014 SG '61 RI on a stand. Surprisingly (to me anyway) It occurred to me that I've NEVER even held an SG. I sat down and noodled with it for a few minutes and I was hooked. The previous owner had put coil splits on PP pots which added to the tones I could get. It can nail Fender tones quite closely while still feeling like a Gibson in my hands. I've been playing it for over week now and it's a keeper. The LP's are not going in the closet but this SG will be played quite a bit at gigs.
  9. I believe you are correct. The more I play with it the more it seems to take on a single coil tone in one position
  10. Thanks for all the input. I just sent a message to UPS asking for more info.
  11. It referred to a 23% tax and some other fees. However this amp is in Europe which makes the whole affair seem tougher. Is this the type of thing an import broker would handle? I'd really prefer to have experts handle this
  12. So how do I go about pursuing this? Do I contact US Customs ?
  13. I'm looking at a neat old Hohner amp located in Slovenia. What potential problems am I looking at for shipping? Using PayPal I'm pretty sure I'm safe from any fraud but the potential costs of importing and such I'm unaware of
  14. 2014 and its both volume pots. I bought it from a small but reportable store.
  15. I just acquired one of these guitars and didn't even realize it had push pull pots until I started messing around with it. Best I can determine, their only function is to boost their respective pick up. Is that correct? I don't detect them doing anything else.
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