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  1. And you can find them for a steal! Great great amps that don't get the credit they deserve these days.
  2. I still occassionally use my whammy 4, but it's been kicked off the board by a behringer ultra shifter/harmonist with an expression pedal. I also use my pitch factor from time to time, but its over priced for what I use it for. Surprisingly the behringer is polyphonic and works great and doesn't have any of the evil voodoo you'd associate evil cheap pedals with. I wouldn't use it in a war zone, but it works great in the studio or in the comfort of my home. Probably the best $40 I've spent on a new effect.
  3. They are all great for all different applications. I usually keep one of each on the board minimum, just to mix it up.
  4. Bobby, you are by far one of my favorite posters here at Harmony Central, I'm glad to see you still posting! Now back to on topic. I'm very excited to see what companies like Positive Grid are putting out. I feel like it's becoming easier than ever to get that guitar tone that's stuck in your head out without spending tons of dollars on effects and amps. I like the versatility of the newer digital offerings, but on that side note I'm also VERY attached to my amps and pedals. I will probably always keep them around because I like tinkering around with hard ware. Nothing is more fun than turning knobs and moving around pedals in a signal chain and tinkering with your eq to get that sound out of your head. Half the fun is really putting in the time and effort and tinkering.
  5. Maybe instead of an OD pedal you can try a clean boost pedal like a catalinbread super chili picoso or something along those lines. I used one for years to boost my signal enough that I'd have some natural OD come through a low watt tube amp but stay relatively clean overall and use my guitar's volume control to dial back a bit if needed or just use different picking dynamics to get a softer cleaner sound and really dig in for a light crunch.
  6. Behringer's Ultra Shifter/Harmonist is probably one of the sweetest pitch shifting pedals you can get, combine it with a cheap zoom expression pedal and you have an amazing polyphonic shifter pedal that beats up on digitech and ehx all day long for a fraction of the price. I also like cheap dirt pedals ala digitech or the newer marshall guv'nor 2. MXR's dirt boxes can be had new for under $100 and sound great also. Also digitech digidelays are fantastic for the price new and used. I pull them out to play with smaller combos all the time. So for the most part, I'm a fan of cheap effects. I am definitely no stranger to them.
  7. Right now I use the second channel of my DC-5 for my heavy sound and boost it with a catalin bread silverkiss when I feel like it, and a musket fuzz in the clean channel to get a much different sound. So I use pedals and amp gain in conjuction. This is after years of playing with single channel amps and just using pedal dirt. I miss the simplicity of a single channel amp, but love the versatility of having two channels with a really great sounding second channel to do the majority of the heavy lifting in the gain department. It also keeps my pedal board very sparse at the moment leaving me more time to play and less time tinkering around with pedals.
  8. I find that if you are going to use a good modeller it's almost better to just run it straight into a power amp, or like others have suggested into a PA. Also another good suggestion I saw is to run it through the FX loop of your amp. If I were to go back into modellers again, I'd probably just run them through a decent power amp into a good speaker cab.
  9. Probably a tie between Catalinbread and MXR, or on the cheaps behringer or digitech.
  10. 70's Yamaha G50 112-II is probably the best sounding solid state amp I have ever heard. The reverb tank is out of this world wet springy goodness, and the sound is warm and rich for a solid state. If I didn't already own one, I'd be searching high and low for one. The parametric EQ makes it really shine too.
  11. I have an old Carvin 60 watt amp from 1982, it's like an X60 but with just one input not two. The clean tone is actually really rich and thick. The lead channel can get really heavy through a decent speaker cab, but is a bit nasally. Great amp for what I paid for it (about $150 in 2008). The reverb tank is pretty decent as well, and it sounds great in half power mode as well. I like Carvin amps for the most part, but you see a lot of dislike for them on the forums.
  12. Oh wow, I guess when all the money runs out you gotta do something to stay afloat. Good for Kirk.
  13. Been great man Hope you are doing good.
  14. So sad what has happened to this place.
  15. If you can find one, the MI Audio Crunch Box is a Marshall in a pedal type. I also give a nod to the Marshall guv'nor pedal as well. If you can find the original one they are pretty sweet. The new ones are alright.
  16. Actually Phil, I have been out of the game for a couple years and didn't see the Amplifi series until just yesterday while I was looking for more info on the firehawk. I was offered the firehawk in a trade, but it seems like the other party is backing out (there's quite a few miles between us and I don't like shipping trades with strangers.). I might actually look into the amplifi fx100 as another option, seems very similar with half the footswitches. Looks like line 6 is going in the right direction these days, at least for the at home hobbyists. More user friendly it looks.
  17. I wouldn't say so much as a recording tool, but more like something to tinker with and not have to constantly fumble around with my pedals on and off the pedal board. Maybe something to spark creativity, while allowing me to use headphones. The Ipad/phone connectivity seems pretty sweet, and I like the multiple options for outputs. The last Line 6 product I spent any real time with was their guitar port, and while it was a fun toy, it also allowed me to tinker with lots of effects and build apon my sound. TL;DR? Kinda sorta, not really.
  18. I haven't really had a chance to see any live music in the past few years, mostly due ti working weekends and being generally busy, but I did take july 31st off and went to the Seattle Ambient Mosaic Festival to watch my dad perform for the last time. While noise/ambient isn't for everyone, helping the old man set his gear up did inspire me to start playing more and tinkering with my gear. It was also cool to see him perform for the last time, as his health is deteriorating. Great performances by Abraham Moses (formerly of chickentron vs novahead and prisonfood sucks) and Felicia Gaggins (Masturbatory Dysfunction). Weird...
  19. In a pre-emptive strike I downloaded the app to my ipad, and it has a ton of options, and the whole ability to dig through my music library and give patch recommendations based off of which songs you play is pretty freaking cool. Now if only the trade comes through :-s
  20. This format isn't too terrible, it was much worse with 2.0 and a few other changes.
  21. Anyone use one? Any personal experiences? I might be coming into one for the mega cheapz and well I'd like another multi effects unit to play with. Looks pretty spiffy in the demos. Any and all personal info would be cool.
  22. Yeah I'm still alive Just haven't been around as much, been too busy with work/life/stuff.
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