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    Guitarist for 36 years / teaching 25 years.
    Inspired by ( not in order of importance) Jimi Hendrix, S.R.V. Michael Schenker, Eddie Van Halen , Billy Gibbons, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Robin Trower, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Andy Summers, John Sykes, Alex Lifeson, Joe Satriani, The Edge, Mathias Jabs, Dime Bag Darrell, Steve Stevens, Adrian Belew, Dave Murray / Adrian Smith, Kirk Hammett, Marshall Law ( the U.K.'s best Metal ), Michael Angelo Biato, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Johnny Winter, Stanley Jordan, Peter Green, Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee, Tony Iommi, Blue Cheer, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Frank Zappa, Alex Skolnick, Uli Roth, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, David Gilmore .... and influenced by the people I jam with !!!!

    My gear :
    # 1.1971 Gibson Flying 'V' with 22 frets, Schaller active pick ups and Schaller tailpiece with fine tuners.,
    # 2.1984 Randy Rhoads/Jackson 'V' with 22 frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Dimarzio Evolution, (M) Dimarzio Evolution,(B) S.Duncan Screamin' Demon.
    # 3.1997 P.S.4 Jackson with 24 frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Dimarzio Evolution, (M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2, (B) Dimarzio Evolution.
    # 4.1996 Dinky/Jackson with 24 frets,Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Bill Lawrence L-250, (M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2,(B) Dimarzio Evolution. #5.1985 Kramer American series guitar with 22 frets,Floyd Rose tremolo , (N) Bill Lawrence L-250,(M) GFS H-67 "Lil" Killer,(B) Dimarzio X2N, # 6.Chandler neck/ 1987 Kramer body with 22 frets,Floyd Rose Pro tremolo, (N) Dimarzio Fast Track 1, (M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2,(B) Dimarzio X2N.
    # 7.1987 Kramer body/1988 Kramer Night Swan neck with 22 frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Bill Lawrence L-250,(M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2, (B) Bill Lawrence XL-500.
    # 8.1998 Squire neck / Stewart-MacDonald sunburst guitar body with 22 frets, Wilkinson tremolo,(N,M,) Fender "Texas Specials" and a Dragon Fire Hot Rail.
    # 9.All Parts 70's Strat neck / 1979 Fender Strat body 21 frets,with a Wilkinson tremolo, (N,M) Fender Custom Shop "69" pickups, (B) Schaller S6 single coil.
    # 10. Applause (modified) acoustic.
    # 11.Fender 12 string acoustic.
    # 12.Alpine White Epiphone Les Paul Custom, 22 frets, Dragon Fire Alnico 5 Gold Buckers and Schaller tailpiece with fine tuning
    # 13.Jackson Soloist style body / Jackson Reverse style neck; 24 frets, Floyd Rose,(N) Dragon Fire Hot Rails, (M) GFS H-67 "Lil Killer", (B) Carvin M22SD.
    # 14.Dragon Fire / Randy Rhoads guitar,24 frets,Floyd Rose, (N,B) Zebra Screamer pick ups.

    Pedal Board : a Boss GE-7 E.Q., S.Duncan Pick Up Booster then to Effects board; VHT valvulator,Digitech RP-12,Digitech RP-1 ( plugged into the effects loop of the RP-1 Send to a MXR M-108 10 band E.Q , Seymour Duncan Pick Up Booster, the Hush Pedal, BBE Stomp Sonic back to the Return of the RP-1),Dbx 563,VHT Valvulator, Jim Dunlop Volume/Boost pedal. Rack # 1 . BBE Sonic Maximizers 462's and 362, Hush 2CX noise reduction units, 2 DOD 32 Graphic E.Q's, Behringer 1124P Feedback Destroyer. Rack # 2 . ETA Power conditioner, Rocktron Super C noise reduction unit and Monster 2500 Power Conditioner. Amps Digitech 2112 rack processor with Crown Power amps and / or 1986 Carvin X-100 B (6L6/12AX7 tubes) with Laney 4 x 12 cabinets.


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    Beyond the Van Allen Belt


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    All things guitar !!!!


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    Building rails for California's fastest Cho Cho trail.

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  1. A powerful loud Humbucker like an Dimarzio Evolution or a Seymour Duncan JB ( 13.6k ohms to 17k ohms ) pickup in the bridge can have a pickup like ranging from 12k ohms to 13k ohms stacked Humbucker that can achieve a semi close tone of a classic single coil. To me, a Bill Lawrence L 250 has some nice mid range, upper mids of slightly lower mid scooped and twangy single coil.
  2. My wife kicked me in my Ernie Balls .... This morning ☚ī¸ and then she stomped on my whammy bar and then she wanted to make up with me ....so she sent me some Floyd Roses 👍
  3. Maybe because when you're at the gig, you play harder and are heavy handed on the strings ..... Audiences do that to guitarists !!!! I love Fender Super Bullets for my traditional Strats, they help keep my guitar in tune much better than regular ball ended strings when I use my Wilkinson tremolo. But on my on my Epiphone LPC, Gibson LPC and Gibson Flying V, I have to go up to a higher gauge. I like to bend strings between the tailpiece and the bridge for effect. Ernie Ball , GHS and GFS strings handle the stress pretty good.
  4. That stainless steel casing on those old Bill Lawrence Humbucker ....are the true indicator that it is a vintage BL pickup 👍 !!!!
  5. A friend of mine owned a Yamaha SG, it had aboloney inlays, binding with transparent yellow/ gold finish with a Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup on the bridge and a Bill Lawrence L-500 on the neck position .... That guitar was monster tone machine and full of rich sustain.
  6. To me, it's all the above.
  7. I sound like an old superstitious Bluesman using this term .... It's has everything to do with the mojo / magic of the pickup. Then , you have to consider the material the bridge and the nut is made of, the distance of the pickups from the bridge , the caps / pots and what kind of ohms / Henries are in the pickup ....
  8. Don't get me wrong, some L-250's and XL-500 from 1984 to the present .... Some are pretty good.
  9. Pickups are very sensitive to certain woods. I have a H,H,H 1984 Randy Rhoads / Jackson, Made of Ash, a Seymour Duncan JB and a Bare Knuckle Nail Bomb pickups were simply not cutting it. Oddly, those pickups were too trebly , so I dropped in a Dragonfire Quad rail pickup and it worked out fine. Some times, certain woods change with the volume changes. On tube amps, some tone woods compress differently when you raise the volume, increase the gain or both.
  10. I own many Bill Lawrence pickups, mainly the L-250 and XL-500 pickup. Many of the L-250's that I own, the ratings varied from 11.96k ohms to 14.03k ohms. Some of my XL-500's rated from 11.28k ohms to 14.89k ohms. There is a lot of inconstancies in ohms in a lot of the Bill Lawrence pickups. But man , they sure deliver great tone. I love using BL pickups from 1977 to 1984 for neck pickups on my Metal guitars.
  11. One of the best thing about Stew Mac , are not only the products and tools ....they have books. CD Roms and videos on how to use the product, how to use the tools and how to get great results.
  12. The Screamer bridge pickups are great for Metal , with a ceramic magnet and mine was rated at 17.01k ohms ( the site says, 16.9k ohms ) on my meter. Sounds like a cross between a Seymour Duncan JB and a Bill Lawrence XL500. The Duo Rail is a stacked Humbucker , the site says they are wound to 12.02k ohms, I ordered four and my meter read that they are between 11.28k to 12.41k ohms. They tend to sound like a cross between a Dimarzio Chopper, Bill Lawrence L250 with a PAF upper mid spike. I put these in the neck position of my 80's style Super Strats. Any Humbucker rated above 11.00k ohms is going towards a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal tone zone. Anything below, is aiming for a more beefed up Classic 1970's Hard Rock sound .....depending on the gain of the amp or the Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz pedals going into the amp. By the way dude ....Love your sig !!!!
  13. I started buying their pickups , because one of my guitar students wanted to replace a single coil , for Dragonfire Duo Rail and generic humbucker for a Dragonfire Screamers pickup. I was amazed with the sound quality and floored more when I found out how much they cost. Back in 2009, the Duo Rail cost only $ 14.95 ( today $ 46.00 ) and the Screamer only $ 17.95 ( today. $ 31.00 ). I guess the word is out. These pickup are just as good as Dimarzio, Bare Knuckle or Seymour Duncan . Last year, I ordered over by phone and by chance the phone was answered by the owner, Ken. He gave me a great deal , he sold me a Duo Rail for $ 17.00 and a Vintage Screamer for only $ 24.00. I guess good things don't last for long .
  14. I have a 2112 too. You may need to put in a 2032 battery, once every 7 years. You may need new capacitors to replace the old ones. To me, that DigiTech 2112 SGS has better sound quality than my Eleven Rack .
  15. Pictures could help. Does it have the Kramer logo , with Neptune, New Jersey stamped on the neck plate ?
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