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    Guitarist for 36 years / teaching 25 years.
    Inspired by ( not in order of importance) Jimi Hendrix, S.R.V. Michael Schenker, Eddie Van Halen , Billy Gibbons, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Robin Trower, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Andy Summers, John Sykes, Alex Lifeson, Joe Satriani, The Edge, Mathias Jabs, Dime Bag Darrell, Steve Stevens, Adrian Belew, Dave Murray / Adrian Smith, Kirk Hammett, Marshall Law ( the U.K.'s best Metal ), Michael Angelo Biato, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Johnny Winter, Stanley Jordan, Peter Green, Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee, Tony Iommi, Blue Cheer, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Frank Zappa, Alex Skolnick, Uli Roth, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, David Gilmore .... and influenced by the people I jam with !!!!

    My gear :
    # 1.1971 Gibson Flying 'V' with 22 frets, Schaller active pick ups and Schaller tailpiece with fine tuners.,
    # 2.1984 Randy Rhoads/Jackson 'V' with 22 frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Dimarzio Evolution, (M) Dimarzio Evolution,(B) S.Duncan Screamin' Demon.
    # 3.1997 P.S.4 Jackson with 24 frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Dimarzio Evolution, (M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2, (B) Dimarzio Evolution.
    # 4.1996 Dinky/Jackson with 24 frets,Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Bill Lawrence L-250, (M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2,(B) Dimarzio Evolution. #5.1985 Kramer American series guitar with 22 frets,Floyd Rose tremolo , (N) Bill Lawrence L-250,(M) GFS H-67 "Lil" Killer,(B) Dimarzio X2N, # 6.Chandler neck/ 1987 Kramer body with 22 frets,Floyd Rose Pro tremolo, (N) Dimarzio Fast Track 1, (M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2,(B) Dimarzio X2N.
    # 7.1987 Kramer body/1988 Kramer Night Swan neck with 22 frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, (N) Bill Lawrence L-250,(M) Dimarzio Fast Track 2, (B) Bill Lawrence XL-500.
    # 8.1998 Squire neck / Stewart-MacDonald sunburst guitar body with 22 frets, Wilkinson tremolo,(N,M,) Fender "Texas Specials" and a Dragon Fire Hot Rail.
    # 9.All Parts 70's Strat neck / 1979 Fender Strat body 21 frets,with a Wilkinson tremolo, (N,M) Fender Custom Shop "69" pickups, (B) Schaller S6 single coil.
    # 10. Applause (modified) acoustic.
    # 11.Fender 12 string acoustic.
    # 12.Alpine White Epiphone Les Paul Custom, 22 frets, Dragon Fire Alnico 5 Gold Buckers and Schaller tailpiece with fine tuning
    # 13.Jackson Soloist style body / Jackson Reverse style neck; 24 frets, Floyd Rose,(N) Dragon Fire Hot Rails, (M) GFS H-67 "Lil Killer", (B) Carvin M22SD.
    # 14.Dragon Fire / Randy Rhoads guitar,24 frets,Floyd Rose, (N,B) Zebra Screamer pick ups.

    Pedal Board : a Boss GE-7 E.Q., S.Duncan Pick Up Booster then to Effects board; VHT valvulator,Digitech RP-12,Digitech RP-1 ( plugged into the effects loop of the RP-1 Send to a MXR M-108 10 band E.Q , Seymour Duncan Pick Up Booster, the Hush Pedal, BBE Stomp Sonic back to the Return of the RP-1),Dbx 563,VHT Valvulator, Jim Dunlop Volume/Boost pedal. Rack # 1 . BBE Sonic Maximizers 462's and 362, Hush 2CX noise reduction units, 2 DOD 32 Graphic E.Q's, Behringer 1124P Feedback Destroyer. Rack # 2 . ETA Power conditioner, Rocktron Super C noise reduction unit and Monster 2500 Power Conditioner. Amps Digitech 2112 rack processor with Crown Power amps and / or 1986 Carvin X-100 B (6L6/12AX7 tubes) with Laney 4 x 12 cabinets.


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    Beyond the Van Allen Belt


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    All things guitar !!!!


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    Building rails for California's fastest Cho Cho trail.

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  1. My first 8 track tape was Jimi Hendrix's "Rainbow Bridge", .....the frustration of the tack change / pause during "Here My Train Coming" .... Was nothing short of irritating !!!!
  2. Back in 1981, I got a 1973 Ventura hatchback with an 8 track tape player. I used to hate the pauses in the middle of a song. I had Rush's 2112, Hemispheres, Styx's Grand Illusion, UFO's Lights Out and Strangers in the Night. My Dad was so cool, he got me a top notch cassette player and stereo system for me as a reward for earning my first car.👍
  3. I'm putting away Halloween decorations in out garage. I probably have that issue. I have them in my old Boot Camp foot locker. Back in the 1980's- 1993, I practically had every issue, I'll look for you and see what I got left.
  4. There is the answer. Many people enjoy the way a Bigsby trem system feels and love the way they dive bomb over a Floyd Rose or any other system.
  5. I love their Wilkinson style bridges, I put them on a couple of Gibson and Epiphones. Good quality and improvement in the tone department. I've also wondered why they don't offer free shipping on smaller items.
  6. The double neck guitar kit I ordered has a mahogany body, maple neck with an ebony fretboard no hardware except for the plastic pickguard. A few years ago I assembled Randy Rhoads / Jackson copy with a body made of alder maple neck and with 24 fret reverse Jackson style neck with a rosewood neck .... easily comparable to my 1984 RR / Jackson. When I started playing guitar, cheap guitars were made with plywood, plastic tuning keys / plastic inserts and cheap electronic. The new inexpensive guitars ( that you call cheap) are coming with decent tone woods wax potted pickups and sometimes semi decent electronics. Those ' cheap guitars" have come along way since the late 1970's.
  7. I just ordered a 6 / 12 string double neck guitar kit with 22 frets each. The body is shaped more like a true SG, made of mohagony, neck made of maple with a rosewood fretboard with LPC inlays. The 6 string will be up on top, I'm going to route out the front for a Floyd Rose recess and a trem cavity in the back and the 12 string will be at the bottom. It will only come with the pickguards with no pots or any electronics.
  8. I have played a couple of Agile guitars .... Easily , in most instances, can surpass even the best Gibson Custom Shop guitars.
  9. I love assembling my own guitars. A few years back, I made a alder Randy Rhoads guitar body, based on my 1984 RR/ Jackson guitar. I shortened the Long Horn a bit and order a reverse 24 fret Jackson style neck from Dragonfire guitars. I love to watch people post pictures of their home assembled guitars and basses. Fun part, is the fact that if / when you do another home build you'll become a better builder. I get more satisfaction playing my home assembled guitars than my Big Brand guitars . Please post more pictures as you finish to complesion !!🤞🙏
  10. Go look for a machine shop that will get into the nitty gritty of of details and your needs. Back in 2003, I worked at a cabinet shop at a large industrial complex. Lunch trucks would pull up and people from the other shops would come out. One man owned a metal shop. After talking to him, he agreed to make some grade 8 Floyd Rose parts for me. I haven't bought new nut clamps or Allen heads screws for my guitars since then. Look around and talk to some of the smaller metal shops in your area.
  11. Sometimes, the best education is coming in with a rough idea/ melodies/ riffs and hashing it out with a drummer, bassist and another guitarist. Rythumic changes, key changes and Dynamics can make a song come to life. That's what I love is getting more input, suggestions or spontaneous inspiration can really make a difference between a good song to become an even better song. No book can teach that.
  12. I joined a band in 1986, that I ironically, replaced Satchel ( I'm not going to post his real name). The band wanted a Malmsteen / Vai type of guitarist. We mostly gigged big backyard / keggar parties. The bass player was a huge egomaniac / crybaby. He had some many Illusions of being an MTV musical super star. If we would take a break, he would assume this super star persona, so bad, it was like pouring sap on our heads. His jealousy was appalling, he would complain, " The singers getting too many Chicks" and " Your getting most of the praise for your guitar playing". We were gearing up to do a U.S.O. tour for Europe, Asia and who knows maybe some shows for pinguins in Antarctica .... He sabbotaged the band before we were set to hit the road. Years later, I caught up with the guy, still playing bass but playing old 60's RnB, Oldies and Tex Mex music. All he talks about is how he's going to be a star . All he talked about was man we should have done the U.S.O. thing, how he regretted ruining that band and that he wanted to reform that band .... Patheticly, the guy is 50 and still living with his Dad and Mom. Some folks .... Never learn or grow up , still a 17 year old kid inside.
  13. I really like the 15k ohm "Lil" Killer stacked humbucker, great for a single coiled spaced Stacked Humbucker. Kind of like a Dimarzio Fast Track 2 with more upper mids and more treble. On three of my S,S,H and H,S,H configured Metal guitars, I put them in the middle, it gives me great pinch harmonics, hard drive even when I toggle the switch between the mid/ bridge possition, no need to lower the volume knob for a fat rythum tone but with my much needed treble.
  14. I love his guitar style, he can hit you with great melodic riffs / lively rythum and dazzel you with tasteful shredding leads. I seen him twice on the Holy Diver tour and once on the Last In Line tour. By the Last in Line tour, he was also using Kramer guitars with Floyd Roses. I seen the specs on the Vivian Campbell guitar. I love Dimarzio X2N's , I have over three in some of my guitars. But man , having one in the neck position, is like using grenade on a squirrel. I'm G.A.S.ing for that Vivian Campbell Epi ..... 😁
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